Thursday, 4 June 2009

Putain de bordel: MOSAIC.WAV to perform in Paris

Sacrebleu Didier, mais il est où le foutu pain baguette? Ah, il est tout juste à coté du Roquefort, nom d'une pute! Ralala, quelle poisse! Tu me fous les boules!

French people. Usually associated with stinky cheese, fancy wine and striped mime shirts, they will soon add a positive chapter to their otherwise morose legacy of unparalleled whining and beheaded kings. For you see, mon ami, the organizers of Paris' 10th Japan Expo have wisely decided to invite MOSAIC.WAV to perform on July 2nd, for the dirt cheap ticket price of 12$ USD. Good for them, good for the French, and possibly good for us non-Euros too, because this event sets a precedent that will most likely see our dynamic duo/trio travel to other countries in the future. On the other hand, seeing as how Japan Expo saw 130,000 visitors last year, this will be a very hard event to top.

Wait, what's this? That French bio page looks familiar somehow. Oh right, it's a literal translation of Sham Studio's English section, which yours truly put together earlier this year out of pure generosity and blind adulation. Surely this uncredited work entails a free trip to Paris' Japan Expo, right Sham Studio? Heck, I'll even take my chances and fly Air France, for god's sake.


Unknown said...

Where's my internet live stream?

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