Thursday, 25 June 2009

Recent MOSAIC.WAV collaborations: Micheal Jackson and Eminem

Yeah, this is a lazy repost, but you gotta admit it's a pretty timely one. They just love him to death in Japan, tomorrow's probably going to be an off day for the whole country. I figure not everyone saw this MAD, so here it goes again!

Oh, but this isn't the only weird-ass fan-made crossover I've got for you folks today. Eminem and MOSAIC.WAV? Yup, that happened last year. These guys JPz Records made an unofficial two-disc album featuring "Eminem's spits" (their words, not mine) over various anime theme songs, including MOSAIC.WAV's first "Sumomomo mo momo" OP. There's some even weirder shit in there too, such as a track featuring Phil Collins. Just don't tell my dad about this travesty, or he'll have these guys' head on a stick. Sussussudio, bitches!

Credit goes to Sham Studio's Ino for pointing this last one out to me. He probably wants to shut this horrible thing down too!

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