Friday, 15 August 2014

[C86] ComicMarket 86 Coverage Part 5

Ok, yet another update, MAYBE this is the last one! I (technically) made it in time with at least some of the Touhou stuff! Full C86 coverage here!

Kikuo Sound Works - 略してきくおミク0

2014/08/17 (Sun) 東"シ"80a
1000 Yen

きくお presents a massive collection of tracks he made in the 7 years before he began making Vocaloid music. A whopping 28 tracks, 3 of which feature 白石なごむ! Get in touch with your roots with this release!


2014/08/17 (Sun) 東ル-40a
1000 Yen

 木下いちご lends her cute voice to this cool CD!

東方女子流 - 東方ガールズレジェンド

2014/08/16 (Sat) シ26a
1000 Yen

A nice line up of Touhou stars! あゆ, あまね, and はる*あま*にゃ provide lyrics, an arrangement from D.watt, and some lyrics from ビートまりお!

Color&Color+ - 虹色キャンバス

2014/08/16(Sat) シ-26b

A touhou arrange CD with a colorful line up, including 桃箱 and ななひら among the ranks!

天然ジェミニ - 東方Side Story

2014/08/16(Sat)  東ヒ-46a
1000 Yen

D.watt and the rest of the gang return for the latest 天然ジェミニ Touhou arrange CD.

みこぺろ - Couverture

2014/08/17(Sun) 東 ヨ 45a
1000 Yen

ちえP's best of album includes 2 whole disks of a lot of lovely Vocaloid tracks, and a re-recording of a previously released ななひら track too! They will also sell a small number of copies of  "little birds flying over the stars", which is also available on bandcamp!

Innocent Key - いのたま

2014/08/16(Sat) シ-23a  魂音泉, シ-23b Innocent Key
1000 Yen

More Innocent Key means more ココ!

Dessert Logic LAB

2014/08/17(Sun) 東リ56b

A new member, 結月ゆかり, has joined Desesrt Logic LAB, and to celebrate, they're releasing a free CD with her singing one of their previous songs. Listen here!

めろめろんブックス - HOME 萌えっ娘だらけの水泳大会

2014/08/17(Sun) 東H-48b (HNU(ハニュー))

Under the pen name "あまつかゆうゆ", Akiba-kei "Little sister" idol 桜川ひめこ is releasing her own doujinshi! Himeme is taking care of the story, while the art is brought to you by 風上旬, known for his art for Melonbooks. (Thus the circle name, Meromeron Books!)

MilkyHoneyMoon - にゃんこのきもち

2014/08/17(Sun) 東リ-08b

真優, who you may know from her many collaborations with のみこ, is releasing this cute new CD at C86. Though there's only 2 tracks in the preview, there will be 4 tracks on the CD, though that could be including instrumental versions. And did you know her previous releases are available on itunes for those fans around the world?  (By the way, you can probably find her collaboration CDs with のみこ at her table too!)

C-CLAYS - 番ヒノ翼

2014/08/16(Sat) 東シ-20a

Denpa fans check out track 3 of this KanColle CD!

Halozy - TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.3

2014/08/16(Sat)  シ-25ab (DiGITAL WiNG)
 1000 Yen

3rd in the series, featuring the lovely ななひら on track 3! Track 8 featuring nachi is also quite cute!


2014/08/16(Sat)  シ-25ab (DiGITAL WiNG)

Another Touhou arrange album featuring a track with ななひら! It's as simple as that!

556ミリメートル - invincible - perfect beautiful girls

2014/08/16(Sat)  ヒ-48b
1000 Yen

You thought I was done with Touhou CDs with a single ななひら track? Well, you were kind of right!! This one has TWO ななひら tracks! Gotcha!

COOL&CREATE - ラララライブドリーマー

2014/08/17(Sun) 東シ-88a
1000 Yen

Another fun and wild release from C&C! ARM contributes too!

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