Tuesday, 12 August 2014

[C86] ComicMarket 86 Coverage Part 2

安倍ようこ - おうたのじかん

2014/08/17(Sun) 東 リ- 13a びりけんラジオ
800 yen

We all know 安倍ようこ from her cute erogame songs, and her collaborations with おでんぱ☆スタジオ. Now she's finally releasing her own voice & song mini album! I just love the simple cute artwork and overall vibe from this release. Not to be missed!!

ばーどちゅーん - ななのさんの靴下はついてきません

2014/08/17(Sun) 東シ-76a
1500 Yen

It feels like forever since we've had a full fledged release from the legendary ばーどちゅーん...! ななのさんの靴下はついてきません。 doesn't include nanano's socks but does include 7 tracks! Some of the credits are rather ambiguously just credited to "ばーどちゅーん", but we do see KuKuDoDo on one track!

七色ビタミン - DreamingBride

2014/08/17(Sun) 東ル23b

七色ビタミン's ちな is back with a cute 3 track CD!

Innocent Key - 東方警察

2014/08/16(Sat) シ-23b
1000 yen

Innocent Key is back with another Touhou arrange album! 東方警察 features ココ, ななひら、 かめりあ, D.watt...!

picomochi! -「call me, light up」

2014/08/17(Sun) リ04b
500 yen

Cute and spacey sounds await you in the latest release from picomochi!

HC8-エイチシーエイト- - トロピカル@こみゅにけーしょん

2014/08/17(Sun) 東【ル】28a
1000 yen

2 cute summery tunes, plus a drama track make a nice 3rd single from HC8.

Spring Breeze Sound Studio - キス島作戦対策会議

2014/08/15 (Fri) 東 M-02a (Also available 2014/08/17(Sun) 東 レ-27b)
1000 Yen

がきコ and きゃらめる in particular provide super cute vocals on this KanColle CD.

To be continued....!

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