Tuesday, 11 May 2010

M3-2010春 電波ソング round-up (PART 2)

M3-2010春 has come and gone, leaving behind one of its most impressive sets of doujin/denpa offerings in recent memory. While the previous entry had a pretty complete round-up of the main releases, some interesting stuff escaped our vigilance and/or was completely unannounced. Yes, this post comes one week late... big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Good guy さつき が てんこもり (satsuki ga tenkomori) releases his own music through his studio皐 label but also takes care of side-project doujin circle ぐうのねサウンズ (GUUNONE sounds) which saw its third and four releases come out at M3.

「ミキューン!」 is a vocaloid compilation featuring satsuki and ラマーズP, a wildly popular Miku manipulator who got his very own full-length album on EXIT TUNES in 2009. All six songs are featured on this generous crossfade sampler, but you could also check out full versions of 「チョコレート」, 「ウインク・トランジ・スター」, 「STOMP THE ENEMY」 and probably the rest too if you look for them hard enough. All six tracks are extremely energetic and some of them were even tagged "denpa" by satsuki himself, so you know this is some good shit.

The second album is 「ACアダプターKICK-OFF!2」 which, as its title indicates, is the second entry in GUUNONE's "AC Adapter KICK-OFF!". Both this sequel and the original volume serve up wacky remixes of Nintendo classics such as Super Ghouls & Ghost, Mother 2 (Earthbound, motherfuckers!), Super Mario World and SimCity among others. Eight talented composers contributed a track, so this is a real treat for old-school gamers! Check out samplers for Volume 1 and Volume 2, but you should totally check out the full version of Satsuki's own track 「dead or die!」 which is a drum & bass remix of the first stage from one of the hardest games ever created!

There were a lot of great last-minute surprises at M3, but perhaps none greater than Birdtune's latest release: a new みりん☆ single CD!!! Don't let the fact that 「アタラセカイ」 was up against the clock fool you, its tracklist means serious business. We're talking brand new tracks from cosMo@暴走P, studio皐, 未来派 and a KuKuDoDo remix, not to mention moemoe art from あじさ 飴, the underground idol's usual illustrator. This is not only her most varied collection of music to date, it's also her best. Check out the sampler below, or download the MP3 directly.

33.turbo did have something for sale, but it wasn't her first single like previously presumed (it actually sold out on the only day it was available, that is to say M3-2009-fall). This time around, she had a brand new K-On! arrange mini-album for sale! Whether you're a fan of the series or not, you can't deny the sweet arrangements 33.turbo have to offer. Some chiptune, some drum&bass, all badass. The production team is listed here; looks like we're dealing with a brand new bunch of artists here! She apparently sold out this new mini-album within an hour... it was a steal at 300 yen to be sure. Hopefully this success is not short-lived and mimi-turbo can cook up a first album in time for Comiket 78!

You thought the glasses fetish was dead? Not so, says programYMG. The IOSYS/InnocentKey/SoundOnline supergroup has a brand new 9-track mini-album (5 of them are dramas). The actual songs themselves range from standard JPop to straight-up denpa, with a twisted gothic-themed one right in the middle. Too bad they don't go for the picopico stuff more often than they do, because that's probably where they shine the most.

ココ is an up-and-coming moe/denpa vocalist who's mostly known for her incredibly cute Innocent Key contributions, but true hardcore fans will remember her sweet collaborations with Satsuki the most. That Persona Arrangement Album was pretty sweet too! For M3, she was featured on Senses Circuit's 7th CD, cleverly titled 「ココミク☆ミラクル」, which features 5 original tracks from hitoshi. The above PV will give you a pretty good idea, but you can download a much longer crossfade sampler for your enjoyment. Doubt this will be as popular as MOSAIC.WAV's miku album... a shame, because it's definitely a high quality release that deserves everyone's attention!

Rapid-fire post-M3 news
  • Still no sampler from DystopiaGround's latest single, however you can check out some hilarious Engrish on nao's M3 booth. "This group of musicians is aiming at becoming the best A-POP artist in the universe"... or something like that? Wow, bold claim is bold!
  • Denpa idol maria-tan had her new single for sale... entitled 「バスルームは浮かれビート☆」. LOL is all that needs to be said.
  • Looks like Siestail delayed their Rizuna vocal album to C78.
  • Melo9 were at M3 but only had a two-track drama CD for sale, as well as their Valentine Day's single. Note that melo9 and おでんぱ☆スタジオ share some staff members!!! More on that later.
  • Twinkle Callion is another doujin circle that shares staff with melo9, one of the two singers this time. They're heavily on the moemoe tip, not so much denpa, but interesting stuff nonetheless. Their second single 「dream prayer box」 was up for grabs at M3.
  • As expected of とろ美, she had a new single just for M3. The second track 「キミに贈る言葉」 is new stuff, but the titular track 「センセイ布告」 can be downloaded from C:DRIVE as it's an ending theme for one of their recent eroge titles. Don't worry, she's more than likely to re-release this stuff at one of the coming comikets. The fantastic cover art though... that's bound to be a one-time deal only!


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