Friday, 14 May 2010

Here's your SHORT CIRCUIT III tracklist

Did I fucking call it or what?

SHORT CIRCUIT III comes out on June 25 2010, followed with a concert on July 19 at Shibuya-AX. The last two tracks are brand new, but "send off" should be getting a demo eventually, since it's the opening tune to SAGA PLANETS' latest game 「キサラギGOLD★STAR」. The last track, "interceptor" will probably get a video clip from I've Sound themselves, so look for that! There's no telling who (or what) "Larval Stage Planning" is at this point, your guess is as good as mine.

All links point to full versions!

TrackLyricsComposer     Arranger     Singer     
blossomdays 松島詩史      C.G mix C.G mixKOTOKO
Crash Course ~恋の特別レッスン~KOTOKOC.G mixC.G mixKOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
Love is money!?KOTOKO井内舞子井内舞子詩月カオリ
I need magic ~解けないマジ☆キュン♪~   KOTOKOC.G mixC.G mixKOTOKO
お*ま*ま*ご*とKOTOKOC.G mixC.G mixKOTOKO
Stars Biscuit KOTOKO 井内舞子 井内舞子 KOTOKO
Swift Love ~健全男子にモノ申す~ KOTOKO 井内舞子 井内舞子 KOTOKO
ジェットスマッシュ! KOTOKO C.G mix C.G mix 詩月カオリ
Lilies Line KOTOKO C.G mix C.G mix KOTOKO
ユメミボシ★boom!boom! KOTOKO 中沢伴行 中沢伴行
常識!バトラー行進曲 KOTOKO 井内舞子 井内舞子 KOTOKO
Send-off ~涙色のスタートライン~ KOTOKO 高瀬一矢 C.G mix Larval Stage Planning
☆星空 Interceptor☆ KOTOKO 高瀬一矢 高瀬一矢 KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tracklist! Do you know if the concert will be recorded?

電波の世界 said...

There's a chance the show will be recorded, if the previous SHORT CIRCUIT DVD is any indication. But nothing official at this point.