Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gaming news: BOSS FIGHT, FALCOM x XSEED and 3D Dot Game Heroes

First of all, MO (one of my childhood friends) has released a beta version of his upcoming browser-based SHMUP "Boss Fight". Right now it only features a single one-on-one battle, but it may remind you of the legendary Raiden. You should really check out the manual, especially if you grew up with NES and SNES games as I did. As far as I know, he did everything in the game but the hard rock music, which was gracefully provided by Saitama doujin circle S.S.H. By the way, the Vitalize plug-in is absolutely safe to download and install -- but there's only a Windows version. If you like Touhou for the games themselves and not just for the crazy spinoff music, then check this out ASAP!

Although Siliconera have been hinting at this for almost a month, it's now official. XSeed have formally announced their partnership with Nihon Falcom, which will initially include 6 PSP games and extends until late 2012 at the very least. The six announced games are: Ys Seven, Ys: Oath in Felghana and Ys I&II Chronicles, as well as the Sora no Kiseki trilogy (renamed The Legend of Heroes in North America). Check out some sweet interviews for all the nitty-gritty. Although this is great news (except for the glaring lack of Brandish PSP), perhaps the best part is that at least one new job has been created in this partnership, and it went to the greatest Falcom fan I've ever known (no, it isn't me). Congrats dudebro, you really deserve this!

Retro gamers, you owe it to yourselves to go out and purchase 3D Dot Game Heroes. Atlus USA are not kidding when they say this is the ultimate love letter to old-school gaming fans. They have jam-packed their localization with references to other games, from the venerable Ys series to From Software's own Demon's Souls. The gameplay itself is a charming throwback to Zelda 1, with all the added conveniences of modern gaming (shortcut keys, in-game map, save anywhere, etc). But perhaps more relevant to this blog is the absolutely stunning chiptune music featured in 3DDGH. Interestingly enough, the soundtrack was produced by the legendary Shinji Hosoe who (among MANY other things) arranged a track on nao's DystopiaGround debut mini-album Euclidean. It turns out the guy also owns SuperSweep Co. Ltd., a record label who published both TECHNO RIDER TAMMY albums in 2007 (techno-pop denpa with vocals by 民安ともえ). Oh, and he composed most of these Tammy tracks! Pass the awesome sauce, there is a denpa connection with 3D Dot Game Heroes!

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