Saturday, 10 August 2013

C84: beatlogic 「シュミックトリガ2 -Psychocrush A-POP!!-」

We all know Miku is out to rule the world (Project DIVA F hits North America later this month), but this time she will use denpa to seduce and conquer! After a splendid first compilation and an award-winning solo album from circle owner cello, beatlogic returns with yet another brainwashing winner!

The masses have demanded a followup to "シュミックトリガ!" almost immediately after the first one came out and this is exactly what we got with 「シュミックトリガ2-Psychocrush A-POP!!-」, right down to 70% returning composers. さつき が てんこもり, MAX VEGETABLE and デッドボールP are out, but were replaced with らいふ, ピノキオP and... おでんぱ☆スタジオ!

  1. 電波、受信チュウ... / かめりあ
  2. ちょまって! / おでんぱ☆スタジオ
  3. クリーム少女の末路 / 盛るP
  4. それともおやつ?(結月ゆかり・蒼姫ラピスver.) / azuma
  5. 總毛立ちCHU♡身まかりCHU♡ / ふなむし
  6. ウーパーとルーパー / Phasma
  7. アキバ☆二次元→ゲットだぜ! / cello
  8. ぽちっと☆ランダム / メルセンヌ・シスターズ with ぶっちぎりP
  9. こどものしくみ / ピノキオP
  10. せかいのいろをぬりかえて / らいふ

かめりあ opens the party with a sharp yet trippy number that hits with a huge breakdown. Odenpa's contribution is immediately recognizable, their signature sound unmistakable. You could say the same about 盛るP of course, although extreme cacophony is his signature. Will this song be featured on the next MilliRobo.beta?

azuma's contribution will also be featured on SEGA's 2014 Project 575 Vita game, although this is a special version using 結月ゆかり and 蒼姫ラピス just for beatlogic's compilation. ふなむし has a unique soft and spacey sound and I can't wait to hear the full version because it seems to be full of surprises. Phasma follows adequately with a slower electronica tune laced with pico pico elements in the background.

My man cello cranks the BPM right back up with his Akiba-themed symphony. I really can't stress enough how much his solo album belong in every denpa fan's collection, but this is another great example of his creativity and attention to detail. Believe it or not, this guy started doing hardstyle touhou arranges on the side. Hopefully this wasn't just a one-off because I'd totally buy a full album!

ぶっちぎりP had one of the most memorable songs on the previous compilation and this one is a great successor (check out the full length PV). This may be ピノキオP's first beatlogic track, but he is certainly not new to the scene! The veteran will also be on SEGA's vita title but for now his new song 「こどものしくみ」 is exclusive to this compilation.

Finally, you might remember らいふ for his delightful 「DENPA for JAPAN」 song composed shortly after the Tohoku tragedy, but this new one is a lot happier and a perfect finish to a perfect compilation. Albums like this show all too well that the original virtual diva still is far from done playing with our minds. All hail our Miku overlord!

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