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C84 Super Roundup!

Hey guys, Mandi here! Here's the summary of what we've got our eyes on for C84! Miss anything? Leave a link in the comments!

C84 Day 1, 8/10/2013 (土曜日 東ハ−13a)

「ヲタ芸ファイター鷹丸 第二章Episode.4」, ?円
Takamaru returns for part 4 in this doujinshi series spawned from one of Momoi Haruko's talk radio shows based on the concept of a shounen manga about otagei. Always hilarious and hot blooded. Momoi fans in particular will spot a lot of familiar faces, but anyone who likes otagei culture can enjoy! Also a new issue of 「さよなら赤帽先生」, another Momoist fan comic with a Zetsubou-sensei inspired twist.

C84 Day 2, 8/10/2013

RIKI 東地区 セ-19a

キラキラスターナイト 2500円

Doujin artist RIKI, who you may remember from Toromi's previous release, ANIMEYASAN, is back, with a brand new... famicom game?! Yup, you read that right, this isn't just a 8-bit "inspired" game, but an actual new famicom release. Chiptune fans will love the soundtrack featuring lots of regulars to the Japanese chiptune scene. Of course, the game comes with a soundtrack so yo can listen to those tunes again and again. Plus, as a bonus it also includes an artbook featuring ぽよよんろっく, こげどんぼ, and とろ美 herself, for a whopping total of 54 artists!

But let's not forget the main attraction to most of our readers... The theme song is sang by the lovely とろ美 and composed by the chiptune mastermind Hally! This is a collaboration not to be missed! I know there's not much else to grab on day 2, but I highly recommend picking it up! Hear a very brief preview in the PV above.

チワ倉屋 東地区 ”ル” 24b

チワ倉さんの漫画&おまけCD 「チワ倉屋 vol.2」 ?円
佐倉紗織 of ave;new fame is back, this time instead of being in the commercial area, she's at her own personal circle. The "main dish" here is a manga which she drew about her mascot character, チワ倉さん. A very special chance to get a good look at lots of her skillful illustrations that many fans won't want to miss out on. However, lots of fans probably have their eyes more focused on the mysterious "bonus CD" that comes with the doujinshi. Contents unknown: talk CD? Music CD? Only time will tell. (Price also unknown.)

ノンと秘密の森の奥(日曜日 東ル-38a)

のん本5, 700円
Non of the disbanded group Little Non releases her 5th original doujinshi. As usual, Momoi Haruko contributes a guest article.

C84 Day 3, 8/10/2013

ちぃむdmp☆ あ-17b

電波CHU×違法 1000円

mofumofu 1000円
ちぃむdmp☆のグラス (Glass cup) 500円

ちぃむdmp☆'s 6th album 「電波CHU×違法」&  桃箱 first original album「mofumofu」! Check our article for in depth details!

 ポヤッチオ 西あ-17a

ももいろHoliday - SHAKING PINK, Fan + Paper bag set 1000円,  indiviual 700 yen.
FreePl@ying - ななひら 1000円

Two new anticipated releases from the denpa giant: Check our article on FreePl@ying for full coverage!

FICE  西地区”け”-27b

"Dempunk" idols FICE are promising new t-shirts, AnB "Complete works", and 鋼鉄姉妹うしろゆびさされ組同人 arrange album! Plus limited edition gacha and first come first serve bonus items. That's all the info I got folks!


It's super NEET time! Lovely release!

こなぐすり 東T-48b

Lots of familiar names like D.watt, 時花 加藤乃依 ななひら... Love the famicom inspired sounds!

Honey came Lab 西-け19b

An awesome lineup, from the composers to the singers to the chorus!

ふぉれすとぴれお 東T-43b

ふぉれすとぴれお VOCAL BEST ?円
The best of the best!

C.H.S 西さ-09b 

「108 Sketches 3」t+pazolite&RoughSketch  1000円
Crazy stuff from these masterminds, and we do get one リズナ track too!

Beatlogic 西い-17a

「シュミックトリガ2-PsychoCrush A-POP!!-」1000円
Beatlogic is no stranger to Denpa no Sekai, and we're psyched to see another wild release from them. Those looking for the more wild side to denpa should definitely not miss this one. Prepare to have your brain scrambled!

おんがくのじかん 西け-04a

New twintailed unit "twinkle" brings us their first CD with music by おでんぱ☆スタジオ's ひろて~! Cute vocals are provided by ちょこ and みるく. And don't forget the album artwork drawn by.... yup, me! Mandi!! For 300 yen, it's a steal!

おでんぱ☆スタジオ 西館 け-19a

おでんぱ☆夏祭り~でらっくちゅ~ 800円
No crossfade or samples yet, but I'm sure it's great as always!

RieMeloParfait く-05a

Former ave;new member 綾瀬理恵 brings us another original release with almost all music, lyrics, and arrange done on her own! This girl's got talent! 5 tracks in all.

かぜのねれこーど 西う36b/h4>

Super cute vocals, take a listen to the crossfade right away!

西地区 ”さ” 37b
BLENHEIM 1st mini album 「傲慢ロジカル」
Don't let the unfamiliar name fool you, this is a.k.a.dRESS of ave;new! You can hear the familiar voice of 佐倉紗織 on track 2 as well as dRESS's own singing voice on track 4! (Price unknown.)


Fans of the mobile game sensation will have to check this one out, with many idols not yet voiced in the game getting fan made vocal songs!

Team ZUMMER 西さ08a

Check out track 1 with めらみぽっぷ!

chocolatte 西 け25a 

Check track 2 for a nice cute surprise!

fishpond+西 “け” 28a

"Crossplay" is something common at otaku events, but you gotta give extra props for anyone who can not only look the part, but SOUND the part too!

merci BOX 西こ30a

2 whole discs for just 1000 yen, filled with lots of fun and pop music. A few nice denpa songs scattered throughout.

着せ替え人形スズユチャン 西こ-40b

金魚のひみつ 1000円
2nd track sounds quite catchy!

PPQ 西け-20a

PPQ has brought us some denpa gems in the past, this time nothing is known except it will be a "sukumizu song" with 5 alternate covers.

第二生徒会室, 西け01b


ナツを感じる水着まほちゃん's 500円
No crossfades or samples, but 第二生徒会室 is definitely a reliable circle, so they're worth looking forward to. Plus, how can you beat the title "MAHO METAL ~LEGEND OF DEATH~"??

冬夏-TOHKA 西く-21a

Some denpa gems mixed into this album with a great lineup of guest vocalists.

EEE く-31a

げっちゅ! Dreamy Princess, 500円
For those who can't make it all the way down to Osaka, here's a chance to grab the theme song to this eroge music event. Composed by 柏木るざりん and sang by 鈴音, who was told to sing it with slight yandere undertones.

Innocent Key 東T-32b

東方ジャンプ 1000円
Surprising combination of songs from anime based on manga from Shounen Jump, and Touhou themed lyrics! I just wish there was a Rurouni Kenshin track!


Sparkle of Voices 1000円F
Not a bad collection, more denpa tracks than I expected! Don't miss ななひら and かめりあ!

ulu 西き-44a

2nd Album: Psyche, 1000円
Mostly rather soothing, but still has some cute voices and pico sounds to keep denpa fans entertained.

M.H.S. 西いー26a

『東方飛翔頭~トウホウフライングヘッド~』 ?円
Definitely one of the craziest WEBSITES I've seen yet for doujin music releases... and the music isn't bad either!!

A-One + DiGiTAL WiNG + Halozy, A-75ab

デジハロ NEXUS 1000円
ななひら, 坂上なち, 桃箱 , and more in some fun touhou madness.

C84 Commercial Area (All 3 Days)

Russel 532

MOSAIC.WAV 10th single "All Last One Chance!" 1200円
MOSAIC.WAV cycling jersey 12000円

onomatope* 514-515

ずっとすきして たくさんすきして
新堂真弓 is back... with 桜川未央、きのみ聖、雪村とあ、and 夏野こおり.

ぽにきゃん 212

ふたりのサマバケ♪ / あかり&京子(CV:三上枝織、大坪由佳)2000円
YuruYuri fans rejoice! Sample here. 

 ブロッコリー 211

アサギ ボーカルアルバム (with 日本一☆ヒロイン計画 - ULTRA-PRISM) 1500円
Sample here. Sold early at C84 but will be available elsewhere.

 Whew! I'm tired! I may go back and update this more later, but that's all for now! Hope your wallets can survive!

(Sorry for the inconsistent formatting... Blogger made some insane CSS junk and it's too much of a pain to edit by hand right now...)

As always, thanks to Clix for his thorough reporting!

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