Tuesday, 6 August 2013

C84: Third ななひら full album 「Free Pl@ying」

Ever since her humble beginnings in 2009, leading up to her released her first album in 2010, Lady ななひら has not slowed down one second. "A blessing to denpa music", her unique voice is reaching ears around the globe and frankly, what's not to like about her? She's one of us, passionate about her hobbies, unafraid to speak her mind, a true otaku and... an addicted gamer. High-fucking-five, girl.

The only surprising thing about a gaming-themed denpa album is that it hadn't been done before. Either through lyrics or musically, all of these songs have to do with gaming and the love we share for this hobby... nay, lifestyle. Whether you're a casual or hardcore gamer (and occasional translator), you'll find something relatable here.

Personally I was immediately drawn to Master Katahotori's fantastic Gradius hommage 「あなたのコアにLove Shot!」. Now that we know his influences, one can figure he was probably chomping at the bit to write a song like this. You can shoot my core anytime, Lady ななひら! Having been a REDALiCE for a number of years (thanks in no small part to ななひら and ARM being featured on many of his albums) it was a pleasant surprise to finally see him returning the favour. The small preview presents a sharp and stylish song (as expected) but with a happy-go-lucky twist.

「課金厨のうた -More Charin Ver.-」 from task was originally released on Colorpop 2 last summer but it has undergone some tweaks since, so we're looking forward to this upgrade. Another ear-catcher is 「びっくりさせたらおこるよ!」 from Child Prodigy (soon to become Wonder Boy) かめりあ, these two are always such a great duo! Finally 「女流ハンターななひら奮闘記」 from 塚越雄一朗(NanosizeMir) has high epic-potential, in the true sense of the term. Just a week to go!

  1. 脇役じゃ終わらない!
  2. こたえなさいっ☆
  3. 七陸アクロバット!
  4. あなたのコアにLove Shot!
  5. cache cache
  6. マジカルロジック
  7. 課金厨のうた -More Charin Ver.-
  8. びっくりさせたらおこるよ!
  9. PUPUPU'S pace
  10. 女流ハンターななひら奮闘記
  11. Wake Walk Working!

Lady ななひら will be on at least six other C84 albums (not the least of which is a new SHAKING PINK mini-album) so check out her homepage confetto.chu.jp for the latest details.

Doujincore Import Info (deadline August 10th 12AM PST)
Title:Free Pl@ying
Label:  ポヤッチオ (あ-17a)

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