Saturday, 20 April 2013

M3-2013春: KuKuDoDo feat. 初音ミク full album 「oldwave and rare」

I woke up this morning to a pleasant email from KuKuDoDo, asking me to check out the Birdtune website for full details on his upcoming 初音ミク album 「oldwave and rare」, coming out April 27th 2013 at THE VOC@LOiD 超 M@STER24! In his own words, the album contains "rare, early and unreleased" tracks from both Birdtune and Holic Service circles; remixed, remastered and lovingly rearranged with catchy 初音ミク vocals on top.

Long-time fans will immediately recognize what's what. For instance, "大好き!バイバイ。" is originally from 2008, but was also on the 2009 みりん☆ album 「ピコピコ電波予報」. The new remixed version has a different pitch and is perhaps heavier on the percussions. On the other hand, opening track "健康ランド" sounds about the same as the late 2010 original, which is hardly an issue considering this song made it to our annual sampler for that year. Those who own 「~VOC@LOID Songs & Legacy Modules~」 and watched the "making of" video know just how much effort KuKuDoDo put into composing this song!

So far so good, but things get really interesting with "Oh! Sick more sit down". From what this fan can tell, it seems to be a heavily remixed version of "もうパソコンしかいらない人の歌" from Birdtune's 2011 revival album 「東方ピコピコ祭り」. You also have "hallucination attack" tracks like "FARAWAY" which illustrate KuKuDoDo's love for UK New Wave. "雨のプリズム" is another 初音ミク-to-みりん☆-to-初音ミク double conversion which you may have heard before. It was also released as "四文字熟語でレッスンなんです!" (performed by 小宮真央, ゆきまめ and Gumi) on 2009's 「エネルギー冷麺 お受験せんそ→☆」 A.K.A. still-the-best-damn-fucking-touhou-denpa-album-ever-made.

Just so no one jumps to conclusions, this is not the solo album KuKuDoDo promised last year. The latest update is that the man is hard at work on various projects outside of doujin for the moment being. I also assume he expended considerable energy putting together the latest nanano album as well as this new 初音ミク album. Still, he is prototyping various experimental elements as we speak but he is definitely on a "my own pace" schedule. On a related subject, did you know that 中原みりん is back to writing lyrics for KuKuDoDo? Everything is right with the world again!

Doujincore Import Info (deadline April 26th 7AM PST)
Title:oldwave and rare
Label:  ばーどちゅーん (A35ab)

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