Tuesday, 16 April 2013

M3-2013春: First nanano original album 「ナナノ☆マジカル」

2012 was a great year for Birdtune, thanks to two amazing Touhou arrange albums that established nanano as a force to be reckoned with. More than just a cute voice, this girl put on her producer hat and completely supervised the release of 「東方惑星探検隊!」 which also did a great job of featuring her various vocal ranges. A year later, she's preparing for the biggest moment of her life: her debut album 「ナナノ☆マジカル」 will be released April 29th 2013 with eight original songs!

Not only will this be a fantastic album for fans to enjoy (considering the splendid crossfade preview), it also marks a return to source of sorts for Birdtune. As revealed by KuKuDoDo himself (although plain to see) Birdtune initially focused on original albums while Holic Service would handle all Touhou arranges. In fact, Birdtune hasn't released original albums since 「アタラセカイ」 in May 2010, so 「ナナノ☆マジカル」 was long overdue in more ways than one! Of course we're all expecting KuKuDoDo's solo album sometime this year as well!

But back to the subject at hand. nanano is about to take us on a magical girl trip and all fans of 萌え and 電波 music are invited! All eight tracks sound great, good pacing and high tempo. I daresay that "僕達おんなのこ★" even reminds me of Queen モモーイ and her own transformation anthem "WONDER MOMO-I"! Whoever this mysterious はる composer is, he sure loves wacky, aggressive and unique synth-pop! Also worth noting that Holic Service's own Gumi pitches in on lyrics, great teamwork!

This has the makings of a memorable denpa album, so I highly suggest putting it on your M3 shopping list!

Update 04/23/2013: I managed to get a little more information about this "mysterious composer" はる. KuKuDoDo told me that while not officially a member of BirdTune, he felt はる was the "best man for the job", so you can tell he trusts him immensely. Turns out he also operates under "NATE a.k.a DJ loup-garou" and you can follow him on twitter as well as check out his soundcloud uploads. What blows my mind right now is that even though nanano's debut CD is mostly full-on denpa songs, his other creations revolve around hardcore, trance and gabber! I often said there's huge crossover potential between denpa and hardcore, this is just one more example! This is a truly talented individual and I really look forward to hearing more from はる!

Doujincore Import Info (deadline April 26th 7AM PST)
Label:  ばーどちゅーん (A35ab)

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