Tuesday, 7 August 2012

C82: beatlogic, SHAKING PINK, Zero-Shaft, とろ美 + more

This should be the last of our Comiket 82 preview posts, given that the event is just around the corner and that the Doujincore Group Import deadline is dangerously close. In true 電波の世界 fashion, we'll cram this entry with as much music as you can shake your paypal account at! Won't somebody think of the artists?

Let's start things off with a very special album. Beatlogic's 「eLekSoNicRusHeRRRRRR!!!」 was just announced a couple days ago, but it's already made a lasting impact on yours truly. I've played that crossfade a good dozen times and it's just as impressive each time! cello's debut album not only contains some fucked up electro-denpa, it tastefully crosses into hardcore punk rock on quite a few tunes. There has been some punk-ish denpa in the past, but nothing as intense as this. This dude's skills are truly outrageous! Not to mention the utterly sick cover, and a low price point of 500 yen.

As a reminder, you might also want to invest in his first published compilation album 『シュミックトリガ! -New wave of A-POP-』 which was released exactly one year ago. His one track there was a clear sign of things to come, but you'll also get to enjoy some bitching かめりあ and ぶっちぎりP tracks.

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Aug 9th 9PM PST)
Label:  beatlogic (う-23a)
Title:シュミックトリガ! -New wave of A-POP-
Label:  beatlogic (う-23a)

Is SHAKING PINK poised to become the next big thing in the world of virtual idol units? It's a little too early to say with just one single under their belt, but damn did ポヤッチオ assemble a dream team or what? We're talking ココ, ななひら and 桃箱 on vocals! Absolutely mind-boggling, but let's just hope they won't stop their sudden invasion at two songs. Well, they really only have one true original song, since the third track was already released by Master かたほとり in the past.

The second track comes from Child Prodigy かめりあ who delivers yet another stunning 萌え電波 concoction that is perfectly suited for SHAKING PINK. The first track is an intro, likely some amusing drama between the three splendid vocalists. At this point, all we can hope for is that this turns into more than just a one-off side-project, but until then we'll cheer on these ladies of denpa as they strive for the top!

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Aug 9th 9PM PST)
Label:  ポヤッチオ (あ-27a)

Good old regular ZERO-SHAFT kinda remind me of おでんぱ☆スタジオ in a way... you can always count on them for something new! This time, they managed to announce their latest album before the event, which is always helpful when you're a import-dependant barbarian gaijin living 10,000 KMs away from Tokyo Big Sight. Mild sarcasm aside, their latest effort 「なつぴよ」 is as impressive as always, featuring an array of 20 vocalists and just as many staff members.

At first glance, these 13 songs might seem a little more mature, falling more in line with 「Zero-Shuffle」 than the previous "ちびロリっ!" albums. Rest assured, there's plenty of なゆ, ななひら, がきコ, ゆきまめ and りこ。 on these tracks! They're also backed by top-of-the-line composers such as task, 遥風啓司, しの and more. So what are you waiting for? Order this already, you know you want to!

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Aug 9th 9PM PST)
Label:  Zero-Shaft (け-24a)

Can we go three album previews in a row without mentioning how awesome ななひら is? Not today we can't! Fans of her vocaloid alter-ego will be delighted to hear about this new C82 mini-album 「ななみっくす!-nanamix-」 which features voices from both ななひら and 春歌ナナ!

All five of these brand new tracks were crafted by the following gentlemen: Master かたほとり, Child Prodigy かめりあ, Lord さつき が てんこもり, U-ske and 吉田省吾! The songs all sound energetic, but Satsuki's is particulary hard-hitting. What's more, track #3 「ロリングボール!」 has backup vocals from なゆ、桃箱 and りこ。 (be still my beating heart!) For more 春歌ナナ goodies, don't forget about 2011's 「なないずむ!」 which is still hot stuff.

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Aug 9th 9PM PST)
Label:  ポヤッチオ (あ-27a)

Our Benevolent Queen とろ美 has deemed it fit to bestow us with another memorable album! If you feel like the above preview sounds familiar, that's because 「astromyu」 is entirely composed by おでんぱ☆スタジオ regulars ベイビー・レモネード (4 first tracks) and ひろて~! Remember that she recently provided guest vocals on one of their albums... don't know about you, but we're certainly loving this give-and-take attitude!

The five songs here are pretty straight-forward denpa, nothing pretentious or genre-bending. Just some good old とろ美 for what ails you. As usual, she provides her own cover art and this space odyssey themed jacket is certainly one for the ages. Until you can get your grubby hands on this album, download the crossfade MP3.

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Aug 9th 9PM PST)
Label:  とろみせ屋さん (け-32b)
Price:0 (not provided)

Last but certainly not least, akiba-pop giants MOSAIC.WAV will release their 8th single 「七三値≪ななみね≫ぱすかはダイスを振らない!」 on August 10th 2012, which is the first day of Comiket 82. Because this is a commercial release, we can't provide you with doujincore details. However, don't despair! The single has been made available for purchase via cdjapan which is as reliable as they come.

This new release marks the debut of character creation Nanamine Pasuka, who just won't roll the dice! As usual you can download short versions of all songs from the official Sham Studio website, including lyrics and various art samples. かやぴ's latest songs involve glitch, swing, honest-to-goodness chiptune and a return to space-pop. Yes, we keep saying this, but these are some of his best creations yet! Musically speaking, the guy has shown no signs of slowing down, still a genius, probably always will be one. Mi~ko is obviously getting more and more confortable as time goes by, unafraid to try new things but very much aware of her fanbase's needs. All signs point to another memorable MOSAIC.WAV single!

There are still many more albums worth your while (check out the denpa watchlist to your right), not to mention all the awesome J-Core (if you're into that) and various doujin games. What do you think, is this one of the best Comikets yet? What's on your list?


Cat Sidhe said...

The stated deadline has passed, but the order form is still active. Is it really too late to order?

mandichan said...

Sorry dude, C82 is already over! Your best bet is using a proxy service to order from a store like whitecanvas or akibaoo at this point.