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Monday, 6 August 2012

C82: Holic Service vs. Birdtune 「妹達のお尻が臭かったので、戦わせることにした!」 & 「東方惑星探検隊!」

Birdtune and Holic Service are about to wage an epic, yet completely unecessary war, all for our very own enjoyment. Even though both studios are actually operated by KuKuDoDo himself, they are going head-to-head on 「妹達のお尻が臭かったので、戦わせることにした!」 which releases August 11th 2012. Nevermind the stinky title, direct your attention to the tracklist below and witness its mix of fresh and proven talent!

  1. ね・ね・ね・ねこ・ねこ注入! [mp3]
    Vocals: nanano, Arrange: 吉田省吾
  2. strawberry ga cirno!! [mp3]
    Vocals: なな, Arrange: ほりっくさーびす
  3. 恋する感染ぱにぱにっく★ [mp3]
    Vocals: AZU, Arrange: ばーどちゅーん
  4. 初恋コントローラー 大阪弁ver [mp3]
    Vocals: りこ。, Arrange: ほりっくさーびす
  5. 麻雀はじめま専科? [mp3]
    Vocals: nanano, Arrange: ばーどちゅーん
  6. レンアイスイッチヒッター! [mp3]
    Vocals: Gumi, Arrange: かめりあ
  7. もみにゃんを上品に愛でてみるテスト [mp3]
    Vocals: nanano, Arrange: ばーどちゅーん
  8. 見よ!ロリコンは赤く燃えている! [mp3]
    Vocals: りこ。, Arrange: Makinalot
  9. とある辻ヒーラーの日常 [mp3]
    Vocals: nanano, Arrange: 吉田省吾
  10. あっぷるサイダ@ [mp3]
    Vocals: なな, Arrange: ほりっくさーびす

That's right! After a presence on the latest Birdtune release, our homeboy かめりあ is now on a Holic Service album... with Gumi singing, no less! The lovely りこ。 also appears on two tracks, bringing her sweet vocals to the plate. Know 吉田省吾 of Aintops fame? You probably do, but just in case, he's a frequent Zero-Shaft and ななひら collaborator.

AZU and なな are new to the scene, especially AZU which just started uploading covers in 2012. Both of their voices are perfect for denpa! Makinalot is the only unknown arranger here, but that status won't stick for long if he keeps pumping out such hard-hitting tunes!

This leaves us with nanano and good old new-wave-obsessed-KuKu-motherfucking-DoDo (operating under both label names). It's really impressive how nanano rose to the task in such a short time, not only as a vocalist but also as a producer for Birdtune. As with many of KuKuDoDo's albums, buying it is a no-brainer, but if you're somehow on the fence, make sure you spin these samples a couple more times. This is definitely high-quality denpa!!

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Aug 9th 9PM PST)
Label:  ばーどちゅーん (あ-45b) or ほりっくさーびす (サ-48a)

Support KuKuDoDo & Gumi!
While we're at it, you may also want to pick up the latest Birdtune release 「東方惑星探検隊!」 which is barely three months old! Refer to our 例大祭9 quicklook for more details. Chances are both albums will be available at either booth, but to be on the safe side, here is the Birdtune info.

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Aug 9th 9PM PST)
Label:  ばーどちゅーん (あ-45b)

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