Sunday, 11 December 2011

Twitter Cluster: Best of November 2011

Other than a really awesome "Best Album" from MOSAIC.WAV and lots & lots of Dark Souls being played worldwide, not much happened in November 2011. That's OK, artists need to recover from the post-M3 slump and focus on their pre-Comiket frenzy. Which, by the way, we plan on covering as best as we can! Check out the "Denpa Watchlist" for upcoming releases and of course, follow us on twitter @denpanosekai!

November 1st 2011
  • Check out the grand and gorgeous sushi-styled box for the limited edition of 「ねぇきいて? 宇宙を救うのは、きっとお寿司…ではなく、でんぱ組.inc!」. Also details on the special items included: CD, DVD, deargirl book, photo holder, pen light, hand towel, and pin badge!

November 5th 2011
  • Official PV for new MOSAIC.WAV song 「eclipse 」 Seems like mi~ko and kayapi are going for a more mature sound?!?

November 11th 2011
  • New 大野まりな (Ohno Maria) album commemorating 25 years in the business! 12/21/11 release for 「まりなりなぁV3!~precious stories~」. Her last CD 「まりなりなぁ」 was back in 2005! Wow! Total 14 tracks, several repeat songs, but we are happy for anything we can get after so long!

November 13th 2011

November 14th 2011

November 15th 2011
  • Cool guy @kikuo_sound wrote a balls-to-the-wall opening song on 初音ミク compilation album 『HUMAN』 from Innovate Sounds

November 18th 2011
  • mirAI☆サテライト」 is a new light novel series tied-up to MOSAIC.WAV's upcoming best-of album 「AKIBA POP√RECOLLECTION」

November 19th 2011

November 23rd 2011

November 25th 2011
  • International でんぱ組.inc fans rejoice! Their new single, Future Diver, can be purchased on itunes internationally!

November 27th 2011

November 29th 2011

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