Wednesday, 28 December 2011

C81: 20th IOSYS album 『東方エレクトリック電波少女』

Another Comiket, another IOSYS album! Believe it or not, 『東方エレクトリック電波少女』 is actually their 20th full album! It's been a wild ride since 2006's 『東方風櫻宴』 but along with his close friends 夕野ヨシミ and D.watt, ARM has been laying down the absolute craziest Touhou arranges for the past 5 years.

This new album has a lot in common with all of their previous 2011 albums (17th, 18th and 19th) both in name and contents. There's a much greater emphasis on silly denpa songs and overall party vibe. They must have figured there're enough circles doing "serious" shit, so they started focusing on fun stuff. Plus, ARM is always refered to as Lord of Denpa whenever he does collaborations with Tano*C and others, so he might as well capitalize on that reputation.

Some of the highlights include the one-and-only ココ as a guest vocalist on 「心奮い立つびしゃびしゃ門天のテーマ」 and uno showing off some mad denpa skills on 「多々良小傘のたたら屋敷」. There's also a typically trademark void song 「kiss me no panty」 which is the closest thing to a Princess Party theme song sequel we'll get. Even minami, who's usually known for his guitar skills, joins the electro-denpa party with 「ミラクルみこたんエクセレントでしょ」. There are a couple of requisite rock/varia/etc tracks which may not be for everyone, but they were composed tongue-in-cheek so they belong on this compilation.

Which track was selected for the traditional album PV? Of course it was an ARM track, but surprisingly it features his own vocals! Not only that, but he channeled his inner child to perform on the epically heroic 「勇者わんわん」!

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