Monday, 10 October 2011

PARANOIA PARADOX goes 電波 with 「ぱらのいあぱらどくちゅ」

Doujin circle PARANOIA PARADOX is usually known for its trance/electro/serious business "Re" Touhou arrange series, including titles such as 「RE;FLECTOR」, 「Re:alize」 and 「Re:sonance」. That's pretty cool, but dig in just a bit deeper and you'll uncover some interesting facts. First, 桜ふみ (SAKURA Fumi) is actually the lead vocalist for this circle! Recently she's popped up on a couple of KuKuDoDo compositions, so that's a good start. Next, a quick look at head producer いたちま also reveals a long history of Vocaloid compositions, including the occasional denpa song. So there's definitely a lot more than meets the eye with this circle.

However, for the release of their 6th album 『ぱらのいあぱらどくちゅ』, they are taking a page from circles such as HolicService/InnocentKey/Birdtune and will release a full-on denpa/moe album! This 180 degree turn also brings about a grand total of 10 guests, not the least of which is メトロポリちゃんV making her grand Touhou vocal debut! Yes, you read that right. Metro-motherfucking-Pori-chan, full-time nurse, goddess of underground trains, born in 1941. Don't say you don't know who she is, or she'll fucking beat the crap out of you!

Regardless of your opinion of this shock-jock-idol, her performance on 「てゐのデート大決戦脳内戦略会議室!!」 is flawless. From the short sample posted, she comes off joyous and ecstatic. It's a wonder this is her debut doujin song after being a part of the underground scene for such a long time. Has she performed various denpa songs under a different moniker or is she really just that good?!? Let's hope for more collaborations in the future!

The other songs on the sampler are just as catchy. Regular PP vocalist 桜ふみ takes care of the third track 「たぬきにおまかせ☆」 (the first being a splendid instrumental introduction). Her unique and commanding voice radiates maturity and experience... gotta love her vibrato! Never gets old OR annoying! Track 4 「Blooming moon」 is a heart-warming 萌え ditty from 佳織みちる , who also writes her own lyrics.

Yet another highlight of this new album is 「うぇるかむ・とぅざ・なずーりんりんらんど」 sung expertly by 愛空アキハ. Y'all know her from her various Conagusuri hits such as 「チルミルチルノ」 and 「カパネットにとり」 of course. Once again she demonstrates her passion for the genre and delivers an intense performance. This is followed right away with another high-tension track 「アリアケ幻想」, this time from 田川まゆみ. The album ends lightly with another cute little moe song 「猫娘☆ぱらだい☆CHU♪」

As with all of their past releases, PARANOIA PARADOX have turned to 雪月佳 for the album artwork. The interesting connection here is that 雪月佳 also provided the illustration for the recent ななひら UTAU album 『なないずむ!』. Just one more element in making sure this becomes a memorable Touhou Denpa albums... since most of them are, so it's a tough crowd! The album comes out October 17th during the 7th 東方紅楼夢 event, but you can also preorder from Akibaoo.

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