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Monday, 24 October 2011

M3-2011秋: Zero-Shaft's 「My Voice」 and 「 まほロリっ!」

Just six months ago, hard-working douijn circle Zero-Shaft gave us two great albums in 「COVERST@GE」 and 「ちびロリっ!」. The former was a pretty cool anisong cover album, but the latter was a delightful collection of ロリ-style songs performed by some of our favourite singers out there (talking about ココ, ななひら, 桃箱 and more!) Better yet, both were listed at a ridiculously low 500¥. Well guess what, they're at it again!

That's right, Zero-Shaft are bringing two brand new full-length albums to M3-2011秋 and they're pricing them at 500¥ once again. First, let's take a look at 「My Voice」 which is the fourth entry in their THEiDOLST@GE series (the first one was downloadable). As the name implies, this is an idol-genre album with 9 original compositions that are usually a bit more "serious" in tone. However you still have extremely cute songs involving singers such as りこ。 and 愛原圭織. Most songs are individual efforts, but there is a pretty interesting quartet on track #8 「レンアイREVERSE」. The above PV gives a clear indication of just how exceptional this album should turn out to be.

While THEiDOLST@GE is clearly Zero-Shaft's flagship brand, their ロリっ! spin-off is clearly doing pretty well! The second installment is titled 「 まほロリっ!」 and is a 魔法少女-inspired album. Now here are some pretty mind-blowing facts about this album: a mere 500¥ will get you 14 tracks featuring 19 different vocalists! As if that wasn't unbelievable enough, we're talking about quality vocalists such as ななひら、なゆ、kana、ゆきまめ、ひななた、mega and many, MANY more! All of them got quality illustrations which range from lovely to kinky! This also includes SD characters from 大山チロル who also sings and regularly contributes artwork for ちぃむdmp☆ (what a talented lass). Let's not forget about the brave composers who wrote the songs, including しの、遥風 啓司、Yu and BBレモネード (from おでんぱ of course).

The bottom-line here is you're looking at 23 tracks for 1000¥ with 24 of the net's hottest singers, not to mention a great variety of earnest and downright silly music from up-and-coming composers. This thing's a no-brainer, get both! Those who buy the two albums at M3 will earn themselves unlimited praise from Zero-Shaft, as well as this cool reversible poster. Did we mention that 「 まほロリっ!」 ships in a white DVD case? WHITE! Sweet plastic ambrosia.

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