Sunday, 16 October 2011

M3-2011秋: Second でんぱ☆スタジオ album 「ぴこみこ☆」

The Fall edition of M3-2011 is around the corner and as expected, a non-Touhou music event means a new おでんぱ☆スタジオ release! This time though, they're c-c-c-combo breaking their string of 4 single releases and going with a second album! 「ぴこみこ☆」 will have 5 new songs as well as the requisite でぱらじ segment. As if that wasn't exciting enough, how are we supposed to handle this news: とろ美 is doing guest vocals! Talk about a dream collaboration, check out a 1:50 sampler of the opening track:

Signature BB・Lemonade composition if there ever was one! Of course the とろ巫女ちゃん vocals are a perfect match for this song. As was the case in the past, the rest of the album will not necessarily reflect the "shrine maiden" theme set forth in the opening song. Note that a crossfade was not yet posted as of this article, however おでんぱ themselves just this morning previewed the album on their ニコニコ channel. It should be a matter of days, if not hours, before one's available for general consumption. Here is the full tracklist:
  1. ぴこみこ@オンライン~おでんぱ神社へようこそ~
  2. うれしょん゚・*:.。
  3. ぽにっとふぁいやー☆
  4. Girl Friend
  5. けもみみDANCE!~もーっちゅ!りみっくCHU☆~
  6. でぱらじ☆ふぃふす (radio show feat. とろ美)
What else, what else? The first 50 fans (although this may have been increased to 100?) to "preorder" the album will score a tin pin! Of course you'll need to pick up the album from the denpa unit itself at the M3 event in Tokyo on October 30th... or have someone pick it up for you! Otherwise, the new album (sans pin) should be available from fine stores such as あきばお~こく and とらのあな, just keep refreshing those links until it's up for grabs!

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