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C80: IOSYS, Albatrosicks, Forest Pireo, Innocent Key +more!

Try as we may, we just couldn't write the following previews in time for C80, choosing instead to focus on the brand new hotness that you just had to know about. That's not to say this "best of the rest" list isn't worth your time, hell no. Anything that gets mentioned on this website is gold! *ahem* Besides, any of these CDs can be ordered from stores like とらのあな for a slight premium... while quantities last! Before we go on, here are the albums we previously covered:

Did you really think IOSYS wouldn't have their 18th Touhou album launching at C80? Course not, that's their bread & butter. Are you surprised that it's a fairly even mix of denpa, pop, rock and drama? Well, even under the motto "no denpa, no life" they strayed a bit... gotta keep everyone happy. However, who out there expected that one day we'd find とろ美, REDALiCE and ビートまり on the same album? Well now, that is a nice surprise! Credit must be given to IOSYS for always finding a way to set themselves apart one way or another.

The first three tracks from 『東方プレシャス流星少女』 deserve a closer look. The album opens strong with とろ美 singing hilarious 夕野ヨシミ lyrics over a turbo-charged punk-as-fuck anthem from minami. We knew Toromi could be versatile, but this is just beyond expectations! This trio should seriously consider spawning a new unit. Next we have ARM and ビートまり teaming up for a brutal hot-blooded Byakuren parody (see video below). Actually the dream pair has worked together in the past but this high-profile, "marquee" kind of song is generating quite a lot of buzz!

Our third examination sees REDALiCE serve up one of his classic hardcore concoctions with a long and slow buildup towards an explosive climax. TANO*C and IOSYS are definitely not strangers, nor is this REDALiCE's first IOSYS track (notably "Taboo Tears You Up"). It's just really nice to have these three artists on the same disc. Most of the other tracks also make for fantastic ear candy, but we'll leave that exercise to the reader. There's a strong chance you'll get the same feeling listening to this album that you did listening to 2007's 『東方萃翠酒酔』 and that means a lot to some fans!

Despite all these hot guests, notice someone conspicuously absent from the latest IOSYS album? That's right, miko didn't participate because she was so god damn busy preparing for a new ALBATROSICKS album! 『AERAS』 marks the seventh effort from the longest-running IOSYS offshoot. As always, it consists of sweet glittering picopico pop with Dr.ARM's ever-present denpa style deeply permeating all tracks. The mood swings on this new one are quite extreme, going from melancholy to ecstasy in the blink of an eye. No doubt about it, the supergroup hasn't lost its mojo... now where is the flash movie for this album?!

All samples available on website
Believe it or not, Forest Pireo is now offering its 14th album. The impressive part is they only started in June 2008... so that's an average of 4.666 albums a year! That's one of the advantages doujin circles get from cooperating with various freelance composers, they can pump a lot more things out the door and keep the fans hooked until the next big event. And when some of your regular collaborators include さつきがてんこもり, kana, ななひら and ココ... we sure won't complain about this high turnover rate!

Sing Summer Song」 can be fully analyzed just by looking at its title. It's happy-snappy and makes you want to go out for a pleasant walk under the sun, by the river (preferably accompanied by ななひら). Of course this being a Touhou arrange album, different folks will get different levels of enjoyment from different songs, but there's no denying that this site's readers will most likely get a kick out of tracks 1, 5, 6 (未来派!!!) and 7. That's a good 40% right there, and the rest is absolutely nothing to scoff at. There are some prime performances by まめこ, めらみぽっぷ and 実谷なな, the latter two can also be heard on the latest Birdtune CD 『東方ピコピコ祭り』.

All samples available on website
We quite enjoyed Innocent Key's 例大祭8 album 『東方スクール』 since it had a high concentration of denpa songs and some of the best ココ performances to this day. Their C80 album 『東方スクール』 is a bit more in keeping with their regular style, which is to say high-tension pop, some softer stuff and even a bit of prog rock thanks to デッドボールP. For you see, Innocent Key is giving the Touhou girls an Idol CD, so they must test their various skills! The album's PV is based on the the song 「東方プロデューサー ~ミセパンアイドル大作戦~」 and features 5 vocals: めらみぽっぷ, 大瀬良あい, Nimo, ココ, 梨本悠里 and 岩杉夏!

Our last recommendation would be 「Sweet Blue」 from そよかぜのおと with some pretty cool 萌え-esque songs from ななひら, ひななた and a great song from がきコ whom we think has a bright future!

That's it for our C80 coverage. There's still a bunch of other albums in our "denpa watchlist" and we're pretty sure we missed out on a couple ones! Otherwise there are a couple of REALLY exciting albums coming out in September, stay tuned for coverage on new albums from さつきがてんこもり and U!

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