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Monday, 8 August 2011

C80: Double your t+pazolite dose with C.H.S and ACT injections

For the past couple years, C.H.S (t+pazolite's circle) was pretty diligent in releasing new material at events like Comiket and even M3, so it wasn't a big surprise when 「Samplejunk」 was announced for  C80! In fact, we were kinda anticipating something new coming out, so here we are with the 10th official release in a long line of really cool and mostly fucked up albums.

As usual, this is a Touhou arrange album that doesn't really sound like one, unless you are a diehard fan of the original soundtrack and can pinpoint every little nuanced similitude. The rest of us will just blissfully listen to the album, especially due to quality vocal appearances from リズナ, ランコ (豚乙女) and Ayu/Coda (ACT) . At this point we're kinda hoping the next album will be a full-vocal follow-up to C78's brilliant 「Honey I Scream!」but in the meantime this'll do nicely!

And now for something which, in theory, would be a lot like t+pazolite's "regular" stuff but ended up sounding a bit differently. When we introduced ACT back in December 2010, it seemed obvious that his fans would automatically jump ship and follow him, Coda and Ayu on this new adventure. As good as their new album 「First Aid Navigation」 does sound, it's a lot softer and slower than we expected! Topazo's unique style is still heavily palpable, but this won't be for everyone...

The album features eight brand new tracks, including an intro and outro which the trio performs by itself. Then we have three tracks where patients come in with their problems, which in turn generates three "examination" collaboration tracks. At least, that's what the concept feels like. One of these patients is the lovely ゆきまめ, which is definitely an highlight of the album! Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how well this album resonates with the ACT fans. If you enjoyed brutalizing your ears with 「5分でわかるこれまでのACT」 then you might have to wait until their next offering to get your fix...


Soma said...

I've been waiting for this album to come out for so long!

Anonymous said...

I only got to listen to the preview for ACT's album, and to me it sounds really cool. Although I loved 5分でわかるこれまでのACT.

To me, this new album feels well balanced, where Honey I Scream sounded half-assed. (but I guess I should give it a re-listen as you're always singing its praise)

Though I sure would have been extremely happy with more hardcore/frenchcore/speedcore denpa, but I guess that will be for next time.