Sunday, 7 August 2011

C80: Count on doubleeleven UpperCut releasing a new album

Make no mistake, it was clear as crystal that doubleeleven UpperCut (deUC) were going to release a third album at C80. After all, they're releasing new songs on a monthly basis and not a single one of them went unpublished so far. But you could also deduct quite a while ago that their next album would be called either 『NUMBERS!! -Do you like Upper Cut?? 3!!-』 or "MATH101 for sex-deprived otaku NEETs". Let's just say they went with the sensible option.

You see, the second album had "colour" for a theme, and all songs were titled accordingly. Yes, there was a yellow song, but luckily nothing of the brown variety, thank Based God. All songs released since then have included numbers in their titles so that kind of gave away the theme sometime ago. Still, we're not sure how the last two song titles qualify. Maybe the first one is some sort of far-fetched binary joke but 「boys, be "stand up"!」 is anyone's guess! Oh! Maybe it's a reference to random seeds. Here's said tracklist, complete with NSFW links to the games they're from:

Tr01. 十戒! ~草食系男子、反逆の狼煙~
Tr02. 百・鬼・夜・行 ~道を違えた妖の恋物語~
Tr03. ズット一緒ニ ~病的恋愛中毒症候群~
Tr04. セブンス・ヘブン ~英雄好色冒険譚~
Tr05. two of us ~姉さん、それは事件です~
Tr06. love me, Mr.Insert
Tr07. boys, be "stand up"!!

If you want to pick up the CD and meet 山下航生 (composer) and akari (singer) in person, just go to Comiket 80 at table イ-18b. Speaking from experience, they are thrilled to meet their fans and even speak a bit of English!

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