Friday, 2 September 2011

First major album for さつき が てんこもり 「ニコ生モラルハザード」

Our good buddy さつき が てんこもり (Satsuki ga Tenkomori) had a big hit on his hands when he wrote one the of ED themes for last years's blockbuster anime 「俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない」. In our exclusive interview, he revealed he had plans for more major endeavours in the future. The proverbial cat came out of the bag a couple weeks ago when his first major album was announced for release by Dwango Music Entertainment!

ニコ生モラルハザード」 is set for September 7th 2011 and will include 10 tracks (all originals, some Nico favourites). If you've been following Satsuki for the past couple years, then you should know exactly what to expect. His distinct style can be described as hyperactive electro-pop with buzzing bass and groovy rhythm patterns. This album raises the bar with refined production and attention to details. The "denpa" moniker definitely fits the bill but if you won't take our word for it, publisher Dwango calls him a "電波系アーティスト" (denpa-kei artist).

As you likely noticed, all songs feature female vocals. Although he is a skilled vocaloid "manipulator", Satsuki's songs really come to life when sung by genuine, lovely 3D ladies. Normally he would team up with ななひら, kana or many other doujin vocalists, but this time Dwango paired him up with three equally proficient Niconico users. First we have the "bad girl" Hamar, who is actually a big fan of old Squaresoft games. She has a bit of a rougher voice, but can pull off some cute tones.

Next is ゆづか姫, who dresses as a maid and just loves those Bull Terriers (Don Cherry's dog Blue). More cute stuff from her, with a bit of a bossy attitude since she's a tutor. Last but not least is みかりん* who is 200% cute and delivers splendid upbeat performances. Their complete profiles can be found on the official website, so make sure you get to know them!

Additionally, take a look at this promotional video featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage! There's even a sneak peek at the "photo set" which will be included with first press copies. Looks like everyone had a great time recording this album!

Here is the final tracklist. All songs were composed by Satsuki, but tracks 5 and 6 were co-arranged with y0c1e and かめりあ respectively (very cool inclusion). Each girl gets to sing three songs, with the tenth being a group collaboration!
  1. わこつ de 曼荼羅ビア ~小学生になりたい~ 【みかりん*】
  2. Romance of rose 【Hamar】
  3. UniUni♥SunSun 【ゆづか姫】
  4. 団体一名True my voice! 【みかりん*】
  5. 魔法変身!顔面ランドスケープ 【Hamar】
  6. 契約と首輪、絶対の服従。 【ゆづか姫】
  7. 男の娘メモラブル 【みかりん*】
  8. ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール 【Hamar】
  9. お断りします 【ゆづか姫】
  10. レッツら破壊工作 【生娘モラルハザード】
Wanna support さつき が てんこもり and this site at the same time? Buy your copy through the following link. They might still have some first press copies if you act fast enough!

Nico Nama Moral Hazard / HAMER/Yuzuka Hime/Mikarin* feat. Satsuki ga Tenkomori
HAMER/Yuzuka Hime/Mikarin* feat. Satsuki ga Tenkomori


z411 said...

Whoa, the first video sure got some cruel comments! Did they link to it at the wrong place?

z411 said...

Also Mikarin sounds pretty cute. Maybe I'll get this for her and Hime... Thanks for the heads up!

電波の世界 said...

Thanks for the comments. Personally Mikarin's my favourite but I really think Satsuki did a great job matching songs to each girl's personality.

I had to ask Mandi to help me out with the "cruel" comments because I thought they were saying "man 2000 yen that's cheap". Usually I turn that shit off in the first place.

I guess it's all due to Satsuki blowing up, so haters are gonna hate no matter what! Some nerds are talking shit about ゆづか姫 in the second video too, fuck them as well.

The vast majority of comments are positive however.

z411 said...

Yeah, most of them sounded like trolls. The album sounds pretty good and it seems it'll be a nice gift from Satsuki. He doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon!

(Sorry, typo.)