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東方紅楼夢6 round-up: new 天然ジェミニ and IOSYS albums

Today (October 11 2010) is 体育の日 (Health and Sports Day), a national holiday in Japan. But diehard Touhou fans won't let a little forced exercise get in the way of their quest to acquire more items for their never-ending collection. For its sixth edition, the Osaka Touhou Festival 東方紅楼夢 is hosting hundreds of doujin artists, many of which will be launching their latest work for the occasion.

Of particular interest to 電波~萌え fans, the recent duo (trio now?) 天然ジェミニ will be releasing their second album 「東方女乱演舞」! If you are not familiar with 愛原佑季 and 愛原千尋 (and big-sister あんな?), please read this previous article. It almost looks as though this is a direct sequel to their C77 album 「東方香辛甘味」, right down to the composers: さつきがてんこもり, 未来派 and 24 bit lolitas all make greatly appreciated returns. Some of the texts were written by master lyricist ユウノウミ, with whom the duo collaborated on multiple occasions in the past. You can check out the demo MP3, but no PV so far.

To be perfectly honest, we haven't really covered IOSYS albums in the past because it feels like they can't bring themselves to focus on quality over quantity. They have great songs, but they're diamonds covered with so much sand. With all due respect to the composers involved, it seems that the chances of one of their albums being memorable is directly proportional to the ratio of songs that feature ARM/void in some capacity. Hate to pick favourite sons, but it is what it is (and feel free to disagree).

That said, while this album features at least five ARM-related tracks out of 12 (medley included), the previews for 「東方浮思戯革命」 seem to indicate that this is a well-balanced album. But just as interesting is the inclusion of three tracks from uno... a.k.a RoughSketch. The young Hokkaido-based DJ has collaborated with IOSYS in the past, notably writing lyrics for "Border of Extacy". But with these three new arranges and a whole remix album in 「東方IO-BEST BEATS」, you might as well think he's a full-time member.

The new album does include a couple of denpa songs, as well as splendid vocal talents from MIKO, the monotone girls and... ゆっくり (The Best Vocaloid Ever). Actually it's just some Windows App called SofTalk, but it sure suits the take'r easy attitude. All this to say that track #9 「 信仰を 集めて生やし うしろあし」 probably takes the cake in terms of wackiest song of the album, and niconico bullet-hell commenters seem to agree.

Like IOSYS, Forest Pireo could use a little more focus when it comes to putting together compilations. Their latest album 「Memory Melodies」 has a couple of fantastic moe~denpa tunes that are unfortunately drowned out by the other tracks. Three of the ten songs feature ななひら and/or kana on vocals, which also means spirited and energetic music to back them up. Unfortunately the rest of the album sounds glum and dreary, which works against the small dose of energy mustered up on tracks 5, 6, 7. Still, for the ななひら completist in all of us, this one can't be skipped!

And now for some bite-sized news regarding today's event:

C.H.S 「蟲と東方と純血(ストロベリー)ジャム」

t+pazolite is back for more madness! Well, it's not like he ever stopped. This funky trip down strawberry lane redefines T.U.I (Touhou Under Influence). I gotta say though, his "Shitty Night" song is totally fucking gross.

ゆきまめ + more 「Digitalic -L+R- Party "Preview ver."」
ゆきまめ is a favourite here at 電波の世界, but it's an absolute shame that she hasn't had her own album yet. Hopefully she'll take a cue from her friend ななひら and this summer's splendid 「ゴキゲン77゚↑」, but until then we'll gladly accept whichever small-time compilation on which she chooses to grace her presence.

k6project 「Thank you "Lotus land"」
Last but certainly not least, we have the mammoth "Thank you Lotus land" compilation from k6project, which packs 46 tunes, 21 manga and 265 illustrations onto a DVD. While you can't sample any of this beast online (it's only 100円 but good luck getting a copy), what's interesting to know is that one of our dear readers, namely cYsmix from Norway, is making his international debut on this compilation. While he is mostly known for his Touhou remixes on Youtube, the guy is also a bit of a denpa fan. To wit, this splendid 狂乱家族日記 ED remix with a hardcore spin.

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