Monday, 4 October 2010

New ULTRA-PRISM anime OP「侵略ノススメ☆」

Big Brother 小池雅也 and his latest pupil 月宮うさぎ have upgraded from small potatoes eroge to prime-time TV in less than a year's time, as their quest for OP domination continues. ULTRA-PRISM (and don't you dare drop the caps!) released their first album 「inspiration」 in August 2009, followed by a single in March 2010 as well as a bunch of gigs throughout the year. Overall, their self-described "2.5Dpop" sound isn't too far removed from Koike's previous (UNDER17) and current (MOSAIC.WAV, でんぱ組 inc.) undertakings, which is great news for fans of the genre.

But for the latest song 「侵略ノススメ☆」, aniki trades in his trademark black suit and capskull for a sailor's outfit (somebody call Ryo Hazuki). The anime series 「侵略!イカ娘」 (Invasion! Squid Daughter) begins October 4th 2010 and looks like a fun time. Somehow I'm getting a Muteki Kanban Musume vibe from the opening sequence... anyone else? Gotta love that little Dragon Quest sequence!

On a completely different topic, has been kind of slow with the updates since C78. We will try our best to cover M3-Fall 2010 with a comprehensive round-up post when enough information's out there. Doujincore said they cover the event so we'll make sure you know what denpa must-buys should be on your list. All this to say that we do have some other articles coming up, but until then please subscribe to our twitter feed (@denpanosekai) for your daily denpa dose.

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