Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Team Love♥Bullets still has nine lives, meows out new tunes

There hasn't been a single Love♥Bullets article since their third mini-album came out in July 2009, so one could think that the pair has gone amiss. The truth is that ISOMURA Kai and INOUE Miyu did work together in November 2009 on the song 「NATIVE HEART」, alternate OP for the game 「嘘デレ!」, however that wasn't under the Love♥Bullets banner. Then there's 「人魚姫 Whisper Voice」, OP for the hardcore eroge 「このままじゃ、姉とSEXしてしまう!?」, which is totally a LB song but wasn't heavily promoted. And let's not forget about their wicked denpa song 「O.SHI.E.TE トゥルー☆はぁと」 which still isn't available on disc and led me to speculate that a fourth mini-album was coming by late 2009.

Well, GWAVE recently announced its DreamParty and M3 goods (May 3rd and 5th respectively), which includes the duo's first official single! Kinda odd to be releasing a single after three successful mini-albums, but that's that. The untitled single contains two tracks as well as instrumentals and is a tie-up to the Green Strawberry eroge from LoverSoul.

  1. ドキドキお姉さん A to Z (MP3)
  2. Strawberry Cute! (MP3)
Good news/bad news is that 「Strawberry Cute!」 (the song) will be part of a future compilation disc (which all but confirms a fourth LB mini-album), but the first track is exclusive to this single... which in turn is exclusive to these two events. Oh, did you know that they actually have a website? It's a little outdated, but it offers interesting insight (presumably from TONAKAI) behind the lyrics, motivation and general inspiration that went into creating their songs.

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