Thursday, 1 April 2010

New nao single 「シンクロしようよ」 out now!

5pb. just released 『CHAOS;HEAD らぶChu☆Chu!』 on the XBOX360 (March 25th 2010) and like any self-respecting visual novel game out there, it comes with an OP/ED single CD. Although the CHAOS;HEAD series is known for its Yan/Tsun/Kuu-dere characters and generally being a gory delusional murder mystery affair, it is definitely drenched in fan service and slice-of-life elements. So it should come as no surprise that 5pb. would throw a "☆" in this most recent iteration's subtitle (automagically invoking 萌え feelings) and let their new protégée nao handle OP/ED duties in her own unique way.

Although her two C77 albums were well-received, they were still knee-deep in doujin world. Now, 「シンクロしようよ」 is officially nao's solo debut release, ever since her fripSide breakup in 2009. The opening theme, as sampled above, is fast, furious and definitely a strong continuation of her fripSide NAO project! days. There's a ton of HAIHAI, CHUCHU and LALALALABURI screams in there... incoming ave;new projecto collaboration confirmed?!? Most definitely denpa, either way. The second track, bit slower but still 100% nao stuff, was composed by vin-PRAD founder and all-around wacky guy アラケン. You might remember him from his multiple fripSide NAO project! collaborations, as well as a couple of contributions to the fantastic ピコ萌え!Future8bit series. Heck I think he's behind a couple of Touhou 8-bit albums, but I can't confirm that right now. Dudebro recently got a little excited with this online bukkake generator, but who wouldn't? Fun for the whole family, ah tell you hwat!


Unknown said...

Very nice, this sounds like a must get. Between this and Fripside's last 3 singles the split seems to be working out really well. Thanks for the info.

z411 said...

Got the single already, thanks for posting.

I must be really annoying my neighbors with all the "RAN RAN RAN/RABURIN (CHU CHU!)".