Friday, 9 April 2010

New U CHUne on UCHUbe 「the first the last」

A new Djibril game is out, so that can only mean one thing: new U OP/ED theme songs. This new OP follows in line with the three previous ones, but is a little less hectic overall. In terms of the PV however, FrontWing drastically stepped up their game. 空中幼彩 (pagumagu) returns with his signature Djibril character designs, but 渡辺明夫 (WATANABE akio) brought his 20+ years of animation experience to the table. With the aid of Kunio-kun fanboy URA@AC-Promenade, he came up with some elaborate DATASS sequences that will blow your mind. Oh, that dude also designed multiple MOSAIC.WAV album jackets, including the timeless 「SPACE AKIBA-POP」 so you can thank him for that too.

Don't forget that the ending theme 「新生時~この恋ときみとあたし~」 features a guitar solo by Koike-aniki but there isn't a sample MP3 for that, nor will there be. However, here's a U & EarthBound crossover video.

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z411 said...

The song isn't as hyper but still it has a pretty fresh feeling to it. Good listen, really looking forward to it. And wow. The animation IS amazing. A lot of work went into it.

Thanks for posting; more U is always good news.