Saturday, 15 December 2007

タイトル曲PV - AKIBA-POP the Future 低解像度

Yes, this PV (promotional video) is already an oldie for some (it did come out in September 2007) but given the young nature of this blog and the introductory mood I'm trying to set, I still think I should link to it. Besides I will take frequent trips down "memory lane" since denpa releases are so few and far between and no solid English information exists about them. I've already talked about MOSAIC.WAV in my previous post and I will definitely keep talking about them in the future because they are simply on top of the denpa food chain. I will eventually come around to building a complete artist profile, but for now enjoy this virtual trip through anime Akihabara.

You can download the video in all of its high resolution glory at Holyseal.

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