Saturday, 22 December 2007

CD検討: MOSAIC.WAV - 「ラストバトル! アキバトラー"μ"」

MOSAIC.WAV has announced its fifth single ラストバトル! アキバトラー"μ" which translates to: "Last battle! Akibattler". Unless I'm mistaken, this is a sequel to an older (2004) MOSAIC.WAV song introducing Akibattler as a superhero who fights to defend the "Moe" of Akihabara. Defend from what and whom? Gaijin invasion, most likely. The new single is set to be released December 29 2007 at (where else) Comiket 73. But Sham studio, for great justice, has posted samples from two of the three songs featured on the single.

The first one, 「ラストバトル!アキバトラー" μ "」, is as hot blooded as it gets outside of Super Robot Wars. If that fast beat alone isn't enough to get your fists pumping then there is something wrong with you. Track #2 goes back to a more regular MOSAIC.WAV sound, if there is such a thing. In 「最高ψ最强φメロダロイド!」 (Strongest Melody Droid) vocalist mi~ko does her thing as she switches between robotic tones and her own silky smooth voice. In both cases, it is best to set aside the lyrics as they are purely nonsensical. Now I really want to hear that third song, but that will have to wait! Look forward to more coverage as the single is released next week.

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