Wednesday, 21 May 2014

末広アンテナdebut with their first single 『ラブギガヘルツ 』

This time a veteran of the denpa song, Nanahira (ななひら), joins forces with her friend and Idol Arino Iku (有野い) to form 末広アンテナ. They debuted with their single 『ラブギガヘルツ 』. Most of you already know about Nanahira, but if you've never heard about Arino until today, here I’ve got some interesting trivia about her:

- Born in Tokyo on January 14, she studied in Osaka, graduating from the Dwango creative school.

- She’s the self-proclaimed “Karaage Idol”. She loves it (and who doesn’t) to the point of being part of the National Karaage Association and having a blog about karaage.

- She’s an internet Idol who has appeared in various internet radio and TV programs on Nico Nico Douga. Watch some of her broadcasts here (and her endearing love for karaage).

- She was a Seiyuu for various videogames including the PSP VN つくものがたり and 3DS RPG Metal Max 4.

In case this piqued your interest, you can visit her official website here.
But let’s talk about what we’ve got at hand, the music. This single brings 2 original songs composed by Satsuki Ga Tenkomori. Both songs play with different styles:

This is their introduction song. Closer to j-pop than Denpa, it’s a light hearted song. The real pleasure comes from the combination of Nanahira and Iku’s voice as they lovably complement each other; Nanahira’s voice tone is high so sometimes people find it too strident for their tastes. Arino’s soft and warm voice covers this issue perfectly by enveloping the sourness in Nanahira’s voice. Just to make a comparison, both singers work like a caramel flan. Nanahira’s strong caramel sweetness may put back some people but the flan-like softness and fluffiness of Iku’s voice provides an excellent base. Together, they bring to your ears a tasty treat which you can savour endlessly. Please check it out and don’t leave anything on your plates.

This is the denpa song on this single. The lyrics use the rather classic theme of denpa waves and mobile phone communication, so the music tries to convey this by giving emphasis on 2 repetitive and obsessive phrases that build up momentum with the lyrics. Furthermore, Nanahira’s voice stands out a bit more, breaking the balance described in the previous song. This in itself isn’t bad; in fact, it adds a lot more to the denpa feeling. Satsuki and the singers did a great job on this song.

I’ll be looking forward to new songs and albums from 末広アンテナin the future, especially if they bring us more stuff like the second song.

Track list:

1. ラブギガヘルツ

Lyrics and music: Satsuki ga Tenkomori / Arrange: Ooya Masaya

2. うるせえ黙れ

Lyrics and music: Satsuki ga Tenkomori / Arrange: Ooya Masaya

3. ラブギガヘルツ(y0c1e's REMIX

4. ラブギガヘルツ(OFF VOCAL

5. うるせえ黙れ(OFF VOCAL

PS: This was to be published last week but for some unseen circunstances I haven't been able to do it until now.

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