Thursday, 1 May 2014

例大祭 2014: New Denpa Album by IOSYS 『はいぱぁ電波これくしょん!』

After a long wait since their last album purely dedicated to denpa songs, IOSYS delivers to us 『はいぱぁ電波これくしょん!』. To be released on May 5 at this year’s Reitaisai, the title, a clear reference to their album released in 2009 『 ワァオ!ハイパー電波チャン 』, already foreshadows its quality. All the songs are arranges from Touhou BGMs most of them in very ingenious and original ways, adding a new and crazy flavor to the old songs you’ve listened to a lot if you play the games. There is a slight predominance of Perfect Cherry Blossom arranges but most of the Windows games are represented with the exceptions of Imperishable Night, Unidentified Fantastic Object, Double Spoiler and, surprisingly enough, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The real treat comes from a triple arrange of Highly Responsive to Prayers BGMs’ on the 11th track, a game that still needs a lot more love in the arranging scene.

The staff is truly amazing: miko, ななひら, とろ美, ちよこ, 大瀬良あい, 柏木るざりん, t+pazolite, beatMario, ココ and DJ SHARPNEL just to name a few! But arguably the thing to look forward to the most is a new collaboration between ARM and 桃井はるこon the first track マスパでシュッ☆メイドウィッチまりさちゃん. This is the second time they work together since the song ハッピー☆マテリアル on the album 『more&more quality RED ~Anime song cover~』. This compilation brings us all kinds and styles of denpa songs: dazzling and glossy, vocally enthralling, aggressively addicting and completely nonsensical. There are even full jokes like having a choir of sin sacks singing to their beloved Yukarin or Hatate talking to gods and toilets. A great catch for whoever wants a good taste of the contemporary denpa scene.

Track list:

Vocal:桃井はるこ Arrangement:ARM Lyrics:ARM+夕野ヨシミ

2. 東方乳地獄 ~ちぇんの育乳大作戦~
Vocal:大瀬良あい (Innocent Key) Arrangement & Lyrics:溝口ゆうま (M.H.S)

3. 4つのおっぱいの戦い
Vocal:ちよこ Arrangement:uno Lyrics:いぬやしす☆
Original:霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion

4. 進捗どうですか?
Vocal:ななひら (Confetto) Arrangement & Lyrics:sumijun (Halozy)

5. ゆかり穴
Vocal:ビートまりお(COOL&CREATE)、ジュクチョー Arrangement:ARM
Lyrics:ビートまりお (COOL&CREATE) Guitar:ジュクチョー

6. トラウマ催眠少女さとり!
Vocal:一ノ瀬月琉 (monotone)
Original:少女さとり ~ 3rd eye

7. きゅうりバーにダイブ
Vocal:めらみぽっぷ (こすもぽりたん)
Arrangement & Lyrics:ゆずひこ (Highend Color)
Original:芥川龍之介の河童 ~ Candid Friend

8. わかさぎ姫の命を懸けた寿司ネタ100本勝負
Vocal:彩 (へたのよこずき) Arrangement & Lyrics:谷屋楽 (へたのよこずき)

9. 映姫様による耳が痛いお言葉
Vocal:小宮真央 (Asterisk@) Arrangement & Lyrics:t+pazolite (C.H.S)
Original:六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years

10. 死 #とは
Vocal:ココ (Innocent Key) 、高井さん
Arrangement:D.watt Lyrics:七条レタス

11. レッツゴー!東方警察
Vocal:きこうでんみさ、柏木るざりん (有限会社るざりん)
Arrangement & Lyrics:柏木るざりん (有限会社るざりん)
Original:The Positive and Negative、東方怪奇談、破邪の小太刀

12. †異端ノ呪文~フライングヘッド†
Vocal:とろ美 (とろみせ屋さん) Arrangement:七誌 (JF UNION)
Lyrics:オーナーの八巳 (Studio KPP)

13. ジャスティス・オブ・ザ・界隈 ~ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND ALIMARI~
Vocal:山本椛 Arrangement:void Lyrics:七条レタス
Original:人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女、ブクレシュティの人形師

14. 【悲報】はたてちゃんトイレパニック【絶望】
Vocal:miko (Alternative ending) arrangement:ARM


Unknown said...

I've been a little disappointed by Iosys lately, but this gets my hopes up! So many big names!

電波の世界 said...

Congrats on your first article! Can't wait for this album.

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I hadn't noticed! Congrats on first article! :D

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Thank you very much. I'll keep writing articles with some regularity.