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Sunday, 22 December 2013

C85: Second 桃箱 solo album 「ぴぃちぼっくす」

桃箱 teased up for what seemed to be years about her first solo album, but with the ちぃむdmp☆ alliance on seemingly on hold these days, she's definitely not holding back with her solo projects! A mere four months after releasing 「mofumofu」 in August 2013, momobako is back with her second solo album 「ぴぃちぼっくす」 featuring 11 new tracks and releasing on December 31st 2013. No voice drama or radio episodes this time, nothing but pure and unadulterated cute denpa songs.
Just hook it to my veins!

  1. 激アマ・わんでぃ・でーと!!
  2. 呪いのススメ
  3. 見習いサンタ、苦労す。
  4. だって僕は男の娘♪
  5. フル活用っアドバンテージ
  6. 白衣の天使があなたのお悩みにお答えします
  7. Meganegirl☆☆☆
  8. memories
  9. 先輩ア・ラ・モード
  10. Magical Cosmetic
  11. 画面からね出るなんて、無理っ!

Unsurprisingly, the usual suspects signed up as 桃箱's collaborators: we're talking Master かたほとり of course, but also ニゴロウ, やまみのり and muhmue. 塚越雄一朗(NanosizeMir) brings in yet another satisfyingly swanky contribution, but the real surprise here is 山下航生 dropping in for a rare collaboration outside of his busy doubleeleven UpperCut schedule. The guy even sneaked in some vocals! まろん is getting pretty friendly with the ポヤッチオ crew these days, his 桃箱×ななひら song "Ping Pong Girl's" even got a PV recently. He brings in a much-appreciated over-the-top hardcore edge that doesn't feel completely out of place.

All in all this is really a great followup to her debut album. I'd love to see a video for the first track, perhaps with a dance choreography or something equally memorable. Obviously we're all hoping for more ちぃむdmp☆ albums in the future, but this is definitely the next best thing so make sure you support 桃箱 on her new journey!

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