Monday, 16 December 2013

C85: Eighth ポヤッチオ compilation album 「プチリズム∞」

The "little moe-denpa series that could" is back on December 31st 2013 with an amazing eighth volume 「プチリズム∞」 that brings in a few surprises! The big news is that miko (yes, that miko!) has a song for all you meat-lovers out there, courtesy of かたほとり who I'm sure is quite proud of this achievement. とろ美 is back for a second プチリズム appearance, this time backed by しの (and lyrics by ひなうさ!). Quite a few interesting songs and singer/composer combinations, hear for yourself!

  1. 不思議の国の3姉妹
  2. ひみつの放課後アイドル
  3. ドレミファソLOVEなきもち
  4. 素敵なはにぃ・たいむ!
  5. 私の料理で世界はきっと幸せになる
  6. ランナーズ・ハイ
  7. twinkle star
  8. カレーおいしいのうた
  9. TOKIMEKIおにく☆カルビレーション
  10. よふかしノエル
  11. Love,,,very important…
SHAKING PINK have the opening song, a mysterious-yet-splendid figment straight from the imagination of 塚越雄一朗 who has yet to disappoint me. ななひら teams up with y0c1e for another アイドル song, another sure-fire winner. ココ working with task is nothing new (I think!) but what's that, lyrics are from 久猫あむ? I love that girl! Another mindblowing combination is ぺこる&ココ with beatmario's ultra-hyperactive friend 狐夢想. I love that guy! Once again this is a must-buy ポヤッチオ album, get it from Master Katahotori at Comiket for a bonus tote bag.

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