Sunday, 15 December 2013

C85: doubleeleven UpperCut 「CONCERTO!!-Do you like Upper Cut?? 5!!-」

Since their one-man live and best-of CD earlier this year, deUC have diligently pumped out enough songs for a fifth full album! 「CONCERTO!!-Do you like Upper Cut?? 5!!-」 releases on December 31st 2013 with nine new songs, including a special collaboration with 民安ともえ who's been real chummy with softhouse-seal's top musical contributors these days.

  1. Overture ~一歩踏み出せ!Dash&Run~
  2. Magic Augment ~Grow up for the future~
  3. Security con moto ~SeiCoM夏の治安維持キャンペーン~
  4. Sister Triad ~がんばれワタシの恋ゴコロ~
  5. サイミン・フリーケンシー ~あの娘にバレずにこそっとSo! New!~
  6. 夜桜神楽忍唄~ニホンノミナサンコンニチハ~
  7. Allegro!! Non-Limit!! ~オトウト激LOVE MAX%~
  8. S×Mかぷりちお!~ヤバすぎ世界 SpecialなHigh~(民安ともえ feat. deUC)
  9. finale -CONCERTO!! mix-

I think long-time fans know exactly what to expect from this album, but I'd still like to point out that I feel the quality of this album has increased over the previous releases! There's more variety, I really like the punk rock feel in "Magic Augment" with the silly bells and akari's over-the-top fast singing. "Allegro!! Non-Limit!!" has great high-tension moments and I really like to hear 山下航生 drop some vocals here and there, even if it's just for a はいはい or two!

In related news, deUC have a concert lined up next year so if you're in Shinjuku on April 19 2014, better look into scoring some tickets to P.C.M LIVE. As always, deUC-superfan ketsuage has a great crossfade video for the occasion. God, these softhouse games are just ridiculous!

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