Tuesday, 18 December 2012

C83: ななひら second mini-album 「KEMOLOVE♥」

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the C83 circus! First out of the gates is none other than Lady Nanahira with her second self-produced mini-album 「KEMOLOVE♥」 out on December 31st 2012 (the first one being C82's voice-bending 「ななみっくす!-nanamix-」) This time we are getting five brand new denpa・pop songs full of lovely human vocals, including a very special guest performance by sweet ココ.

Most ななひら CDs have a somewhat wide range of topics, but what's interesting here is that this one is focusing on a very specific theme: Kemono love. Dogs, cats, rabbits and even pandas, bring on the furries she says. The whole character creation vibe reminds me of MOSAIC.WAV, this is actually a pretty geeky record. Those lucky enough to pick up the CD at Comiket will also receive a nice freebie.

The first thing you'll notice when you hold 「KEMOLOVE♥」 in your hands is the lovely cover art by みずは (Megacycle13) but once you flip it over, prepare to be blown away by a quality composer lineup. We're talking Psalm Dreamer 華飯, Old-Timer 雪月ありす, Golden Boy 吉田省吾, Master かたほとり and Child Prodigy かめりあ. Quite the crew... 5 quality tracks for 500円! Fans of ななひら and cute animals, don't miss out!

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