Sunday, 23 December 2012

C83: First 塩りんご single 「こい☆まほ ~恋する魔法少女~」

It's always exciting to receive new albums from existing artists we know and love, but there's nothing like the thrill to discover new ones and being able to support them from the start! Introducing 塩りんご who will be releasing her first single 『こい☆まほ ~恋する魔法少女~』 at Comiket 83 on December 31st 2012. The main inspiration for this budding idol is good ol' "two-dimensional magical girls". Certainly the three available samples give off a joyful vibe, with 「ここわんこU・ω・U」 being particularly heartful. Here's the title track, but make sure to listen to the others!

Things get really interesting when you start digging up a bit more dirt about 塩りんご and her composer 茶柱工房. First of all, she has been performing with the ももいろクローバー copy unit めろめろクローバー for some time (but I'm not sure if she quit to focus on her own career). That's already a telltale sign that this girl knows what's up. She's the "yellow" cutie with pigtails and you can find quite a few live performances online. So, she can also dance quite well and she's not afraid of a crowd! She also has a strong fashion sense, having started her own clothing company ウサギノリンゴ in 2010.

As for 茶柱工房, prior to this single he composed an original "club sound" album 『Be Happy!!』 which was released at M3-2012秋. It sounds like something that would be recommended for fans of t+pazolite and P*Light (honestly I'd like to get my hands on it myself). "Tindharia" almost feels like it belongs in a Cave STG! It's always cool to see hardcore producers bridging the gap with denpa/idol artists, for those of us who prefer a bit more bite with their music.

Clearly this is a strong duo and I'll be supporting them by purchasing the first single! It's not clear if they're after commercial or doujin activities primarily, but I wouldn't hate seeing her sing on a Zero-Shaft album or something like that down the line. On the other hand, this first single is being distributed at the おでんぱ☆スタジオ C83 booth, and she has been performing at 電波はっ☆キュン so it's pretty obvious which fanbase they're after. Let's just hope this isn't the first and last time we hear about 塩りんご!

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