Friday, 21 December 2012

C83: First SHAKING PINK album 「しぇいきんぐ!」

SHAKING PINK caused major vibrations back in August 2012 with their first single, so a new album four months later is bound to wobble the doujin world with some serious tremors. Introducing 「しぇいきんぐ!」, the hottest must-get C83 item which we'll remember fondly for years to come. Our Goddesses ナナ, ココ and モモ are back with their intentions to invade hearts and brains worldwide through mischivious and infectious songs, with help from talented composers and skilled lyricists. Here's the tracklist and credits:

  1. らららら☆ラブなミステリー
    Vocals: ココ&ナナ&モモ, Lyrics/Composer: y0c1e
  2. なんでやねん!(voice drama)
  3. 早速ですがSHAKING PINKはインベーダーだったようです
    Vocals: ココ&ナナ&モモ, Lyrics/Composer: かめりあ
  4. 絶対的!夢はSUPERアイドル
    Vocals: ナナ, Lyrics: 海兎, Composer: すみじゅん
  5. 恋のレスキュー出動なう!!
    Vocals: ココ&モモ, Lyrics: kani, Composer: U-ji aka 霊長類P
  6. 合法ロリ二名から告白されたのでどっちか嫁にする
    Vocals: ココ&ナナ, Lyrics/Composer: きくお
  7. 恋はももいろ
    Vocals: モモ, Lyrics: ひろて~, Composer: ベイビー・レモネード
  8. おひめさまだっこしてネ♪しぇいぴみっくす
    Vocals: ココ&ナナ&モモ, Lyrics/Composer: かたほとり
  9. うるさ~い!!(voice drama)
  10. おとな記念日
    Vocals: ココ, Lyrics/Composer: かたほとり
  11. ストロベリィ☆イグニッション
    Vocals: ナナ&モモ, Lyrics: 後方一気, Composer: task
  12. Honey Bunny My Love
    Vocals: ココ&ナナ&モモ, Lyrics: 海兎, Composer: nana(sevencolors)

Quite a few things to note: y0c1e got the first track and pumped out an appropriately sparkling tune to prepare listeners to an aural experience. His buddy Child Prodigy かめりあ goes second; we've heard this one earlier this year, but it still sounds fresh and crispy! See below for a related PV. Then ナナ goes it alone with long-time collaborator すみじゅん; this eurobeat flavoured song might bring in a couple of HALOZY fans! U-ji aka 霊長類P is a prolific VOCALOID composer whose creations also sound great when performed by ココ&モモ.

Good Guy きくお comes next with his distinctive shiny style and just enough drum'n'bass to send your body in a fizzy. You'll then instantly recognize ベイビー・レモネード with his unmistakable groove, this time with extra backbeat. Pretty cool to see him and his buddy ひろて~ making the rounds. Master かたほとり strikes twice with his heavy Megadrive bass, flashy synths and peppy beats. task and nana(sevencolors) gracefully end the album with similar pop-flavoured tracks to cool things down.

The two "voice dramas" are just icing on the cake and will surely contain hilarious scenes over some sweet BGM. The saying "too much of a good thing" doesn't apply here. This is pure musical chocolate for us to gorge on, the only side-effect being that other albums will sound quite bland in comparison. In fact, this one will be very, very hard to top. Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for SHAKING PINK... ナナ, ココ and モモ lovers, unite!

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