Monday, 9 April 2012

M3-2012春: 3rd おでんぱ☆スタジオ mini-album 「おでんぱ☆学園 初等科」

Although most doujin artists prefer waiting until the last possible moment before announcing their new M3/Comiket albums, おでんぱ☆スタジオ seem to enjoy bucking that trend and give an importer-friendly early heads up about their upcoming releases. M3-2012春 is happening on April 30th 2012, which is also when おでんぱ☆スタジオ is set to publish their eighth official release, namely the third mini-album 「おでんぱ☆学園 初等科」. Here's the tracklist along with the just-released crossfade sampler!

  1. おでんぱ☆身体測定
  2. DokiDoki調理実習
  3. つるつるぺったん娘体操~世界つるぺた協会公式体操~
  4. ぺろぺろちゅっちゅぺろりっちゅ!
  5. つるぺたは世界を救う~ピコピコmix略してつるピコ~
  6. でぱらじ☆せぶんす

We've seen とろ美 and 井上みゆ making guest appearances on the past two releases and this new mini-album extends the sequence, in a big way! First we have a non-vocalist collaboration with none other than サエキけんぞう (Kenzo Saeki) a famous producer coming all the way from the glitzy 80s. Lately's he's been involved with underground otaku/idol events, including J-GEEK which our very own mandi had the chance to cover. His role here involves lyrics about "body measurements", but the opening song 「おでんぱ☆身体測定」 also has strong ska-punk overtones so maybe he also contributed to the songwriting aspect.

The next two songs are all-odenpa, all-insanity. But track #4 「ぺろぺろちゅっちゅぺろりっちゅ!」 takes it up a notch or three with the introduction of two perorians 桃箱 and ななひら! Wow, talk about an out-of-this world guest collaboration! Quite a brutal track as well, ひろて~ definitely wanted to raise the tension here (maybe even start a moshpit). The sampler ends with a superb "picopico" remix of 「つるぺたは世界を救う」 but rest assured that a new deparaji episode will be included.

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