Saturday, 21 April 2012

M3-2012春: Third ちぃむdmp☆ album 『ちょこっと電波』

One more for the shopping list! The third ちぃむdmp☆ album is titled『ちょこっと電波』 and here is its tracklist.
  1. ラブ☆ファンタジー (Lyrics/Composer:かたほとり)
  2. どち×カノっ!~選んでお願い☆~ (Lyrics:桃箱 Composer:華飯)
  3. 恋☆愛☆禁☆止☆条☆例 (Lyrics:桃箱 作曲:琉姫アルナ)
  4. とっとこPARADE (Singer:桃箱 Lyrics:海兎 Composer/Mix:すみじゅん)
  5. あいろにーっ! (Singer:愛原圭織 Lyrics/Composer/Mix:U-ske)
  6. planisphere (Lyrics:カヲル Composer:やまみのり)

As expected, we get a blood-pumping opening song from Master かたほとり who can't seem to stop leveling up his 萌えソング skills. Although it's officially announced as an album, eagle-eyed fans will notice that tracks 4 and 5 were already released on the splendid 『プチリズムふぉお///』 and 『プチリズムさん!』 respectively, which you'd assume ちぃむdmp☆ fans already own. Oh well, even if this new release only had 4 tracks it'd still be worth it! Since it's being released at 500円 it's a moot point either way. As an added bonus, those who purchase the album at M3 will get チロル chocolate!

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