Monday, 21 October 2013

M3-2013秋: ななひら&桃箱 mini-album 「もーっと☆ちっちゃいのっ!」

Just six months ago, Lady ななひら and her good friend 桃箱 teamed up for yet another side project, uniting their perpetualoli personalities and releasing the (now sold-out) mini-album 「ちっちゃいのっ!」. Nothing fancy here, just a good old mix of moe/denpa/drama tracks with the main selling point being the two girls' world-famous beautiful, cute and sexy voices! This second volume 「もーっと☆ちっちゃいのっ!」 starts with the same base recipe and improves upon it by giving us more of everything!

  1. かくれんぼごっこ(/ω\)
  2. Ping pong Girl's
  3. らびゅ!青春ロケット
  4. えんどれす☆冒険Day!
  5. ラブ♥ふぁくとりー
  6. ワンダフル オブ ザ・ワールド - ticktack -
  7. ある日のももなな (drama)
  8. ももななラジオ☆ (drama)
  9. ごろごろにゃんこ (drama)
  10. 3分間数えるだけ☆ (drama)

There's a pretty good selection of composers here, most of whom have contributed to ななひら or ちぃむdmp☆ albums in the past. Of course Master かたほとり will follow these girls to the depths of hell, he's always had appropriate tunes for them and this is no exception. ねぎとろ and ニゴロウ have also previously pitched in and they both provide sweet and entertaining tracks. 塚越雄一朗 (NanosizeMir) delivers yet another stunningly professional track full of unpredictable moments, I just can't wait to hear the full version!

The major surprise is CHEEBOW whom I've been following since his fantastic caramel paradox album, good to see him on board as he's a pretty good fit. まろん is the other odd man out, but he adheres to the theme just fine! His solo album 「Be Happy!」 reminds me of P*Light's style, but then again he also entirely composed the decidedly denpa 塩りんご single in December 2012, so keep an eye on this guy!

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Oct 24th 8AM PST)
Label:  ポヤッチオ (A-13ab)

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