Sunday, 20 October 2013

M3-2013秋: ななひら best album「プチリズム7♭」

Lady ななひら actively started contributing to the doujin music scene sometime in 2008, which really isn't that long ago. Still, she's come a long way these past five years and it's absolutely not surprising that ポヤッチオ would already release a best-of album featuring 14 of her very best hits, especially from the プチリズム series. She's appeared on every single album, even the first one which had a bit of everything. This compilation does feature 3 new tracks, which bumps up the total to 17. Whether you're a new fan, or you supported her since day one, there's something for everyone on 「プチリズム7♭」!
  1. 恋に恋してメリーゴーランド
  2. sweet summer day
  3. かるあみるく☆せんせーしょん 7th mix
  4. 絶対的!夢はSUPERアイドル
  5. Love & KiSS
  6. Cookin'CookieS
  7. わがままな子は好きですか
  8. 爆発!ラブパニック
  9. きょう、あす、あさっぷ!
  10. A杯
  11. 萌えっと・めいど
  12. オムライスのうた
  13. ふっくらふわあまけーき
  14. 飛び出せ!Sweet Sweet Magic☆
  15. Right Now!
  16. 月夜とたいやきと池の鯉
  17. ナナプラス+
nana(sevencolors) opens this best-of with a brand new track, highly energetic with a slight hint of makina (or maybe I'm going crazy). Another "new" song would be 「かるあみるく☆せんせーしょん 7th mix」 which Master かたほとり actually composed back in 2009. This guy totally has a never-ending supply of vocaloid denpa songs just waiting to be remixed with real singers! The other new song would be 「わがままな子は好きですか」. Same story here, cute Rin song which came out in 2010 on VL-SCRAMBLE, yet another perfect track for Lady ななひら!

All of the other tracks have been discussed at some point or another in our previous プチリズム coverage, but I will say that I'm glad to see 「絶対的!夢はSUPERアイドル」 featured again, because that song is killer! Do note that this was originally a SHAKING PINK song, but she goes it alone on this one. Otherwise, this compilation makes me (sadly) realize that neither きくお nor さつきがてんこもり have written new ななひら songs in some time. What gives, guys?

Doujincore Import Info (deadline Oct 24th 8AM PST)
Label:  ポヤッチオ (A-13ab)

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