Saturday, 27 October 2012

M3-2012秋 part 2: Zero-Shaft, なゆ, 33.turbo, 藤原鞠菜 +more!

The M3-2012秋 doujincore group import is over, but that doesn't mean we can't report on newly-announced albums! Many of these should be available on online stores in the near future.

First, let's take a look at an exciting new series from Zero-Shaft! "Princess Vocal Collection" sounds like a follow-up to THEiDOLST@GE, which hasn't seen releases since last year's 「My Voice」. Sure enough, it features recurring vocalists, but this time the delivery is slightly different. Instead of a stand-alone album featuring many singers, Zero-Shaft is giving everyone their own single! Pretty cool and not too hard on the wallet at 500円 each. Vol. 1, 2 and 3 feature 天城あくる, ゆきまめ and なゆ respectively, great way to launch the series! Ideally these would be compiled on one disc in the future, until then we'll look forward to the next volumes! ななひら and 桃箱 please!

Speaking of Our Queen なゆ, make way for her grandiose debut album 「なゆきんぐだむ」! She rounded up a bunch of her friends on vocals (such as ななひら and 彩) and enlisted legendary composers (talking bout 吉田省吾, task, しの and Good Guy きくお!!!) to make sure her loyal subjects talk about this one for years to come. Almost every song is a collaboration of some kind, especially the last one which features all singers together! Although it prominently displays the spectacular jacket artwork, the website currently doesn't offer a crossfade. But you know what... I'm not exactly worried anyway! It's a なゆ album, I need this in my life!!!

Update 10/27/2012: Samples are up! Intense and high-quality music as expected!

The seventh (already?) 33.turbo mini-album is titled 「Dempa de Dance」 and it launched with a funny PV! This unit has been ramping up production values lately and as a result, this mini-album feels more focused. 500円 gets you 5 new songs and some seriously sweet artwork. Their website has samples for four of the five songs, so check them out!

Honestly, 藤原鞠菜 is pretty awesome and I feel bad for not mentioning her as often as I should have in the past. She started singing 10 years ago, but these days she's mostly known for her IOSYS collaborations, both on Touhou arranges and TV anime OP themes. Cool! She also did some voice work for... Microsoft, in an Internet Explorer 8 PV. Not cool.

Still, what's really relevant to this site's readers is her original albums with none other than TONAKAI sound works! Yes, 磯村カイ of Love Bullets fame. If you miss the GWAVE unit (they haven't released anything in two years) then you'll love Wisteria Magic. You're in for a treat because they've already released 「キミトマホウノヒビキ」, 「SUPER MARINA WORLD」, 「まりテツ!」 and soon *drumroll* 「SUPER MARINA WORLD2」! By the way, you can order all these albums off in case you miss them at M3.

Here's something new and somewhat mysterious! From circle "りょーかとゆかいな仲間たち" comes their (first?) album 「虹色スペクトル」. It's all very fuzzy, but from what I can gather we have 真泉涼夏 on vocals and this dude 虹関数 composed a few songs. Rainbows everywhere! Kenji (Sound;GEAR) also seems like a close collaborator. In any case, this sounds a bit rough around the edges (in a punk rock kind of way) but very exciting nonetheless! Fast songs, smooth songs, passionate vocals and lovely artwork. 300円 for 7 songs is completely outrageous, must GET!

Watch out, here comes しなもんしゅがー☆! I found out about this self-proclaimed denpa singer sometime ago (maybe even last year) but she didn't actually have any music at the time. Back in July 2012 she released her first single 「裏表シンデレラ」 along with samples on her myspace account. This is also rough around the edges, but honestly pretty damn good! These silly tracks kind of remind me of 33.turbo musically with a bit of とろ美's attitude for good measure. This girl seems like she'd drink anyone under the table, anytime. Wouldn't mind hearing more like this!

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