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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Free MP3 compilation 「ろりこんぴ²」 from 女児レコーズ

Back in November 2011, STUDIO1COURS had the great idea to release their Youkai Denpa compilation 「きゅん×2カーニバル 百萌夜行」 on the internet, absolutely free to download. If you're down with the concept of enjoying free music without a guilty conscience, then you'll love this new MP3 compilation 「ろりこんぴ²」 from 女児レコーズ.

Turns out circle owner airtoxin is no stranger to releasing free music through the 女児レコーズ website, this being the fifth album. However, 「ろりこんぴ²」 is clearly aiming to be a high-profile release as it features 21 tracks from various artists, each collaborating in their own way. There's an eclectic and impressive mix of bubblegum pop, electro, gabber, anison, glitch, breakcore and plenty more genres that just can't be put into words.

Perhaps most relevant to this blog's readership is the track 「Loli-Pop」 from tsundeRECords feat. がきコ. We've been big fans of がきコ since her high-tension song 「デートなう!」 on the C80 mini-album 「Sweet Blue」 (which also featured ななひら and our buddy keiji_haru). It's great to see her land some singing spots here and there and we certainly hope to hear even more in the future. As for tsundeRECords, we're expecting great things in 2012!

There's a little something for everyone here, but another highlight is the hardcore remix of the Milky Holmes OP from you (male version of U?). Clearly fans of the EXIT series would enjoy this remix, make sure to check out "For You Sounds" for many free albums. mononofrog_4sk & fazerock have a great contribution featuring 兎眠りおん and 初音ミク. DJ EVANGELION hits with a tragically short (just 1:16!) blastbeat outburst of happy hardcore for fans of t+pazolite and P*Light. Finally, it's pretty cool to see the mysterious Silvanian Families getting more exposure for his unique genre: moeclick.

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