Monday, 9 January 2012

Twitter Cluster: Best of December 2011

Happy new year to all denpa fans and artists! December was packed with unbelievable albums and events. Not only did we have a great Comiket 81, but でんぱ組.inc delivered a splendid full-length album just before the year ended. Mandi and I will be working hard on our 2011 Denpa Sampler, which we hope you'll enjoy and post on many message boards to annoy/entice as many people as possible. Let's shoot for late February, which is usually when the fine Japanese folks pick their best songs of the previous year. Who knows, maybe we could run a poll next year as well, but that's a heck of a lot of songs to track. Until then, here's what we posted on our @denpanosekai twitter account during December 2011.

December 3rd 2011

December 6th 2011
  • 【告知】TANO*Cとぱぞソロ出るよ!!!むしろ2枚同時だよ!! "Songs for X Girlz" & "Bright Colors" Release Party
  • ぜるだのでんせつ打ち込んだよ Zelda 25th anniversary chip-mix on #SoundCloud

December 7th 2011

December 9th 2011
  • FOURTH プチリズム compilation 『プチリズムふぉお///』 out at C81, 2011/12/31 w/ ななひら、なゆ、ゆきまめ、kana、Nimo、ココ +++ tons of godly composers!

December 10th 2011

December 11th 2011

December 12th 2011

December 13th 2011

December 14th 2011

December 15th 2011
  • New Uju CD 『えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢』 will be sold by @mosaicwav at C81! Comes with a limited booklet 「うじゅ特製冊子」!
  • C81 edition of 『えっへん≦( ̄^ ̄)≧どやどす?天狗自慢』 also comes with a URL to reserve tickets for 「AKIBA-POP√NICOLLECTION」 a live concert on 2012年2月25.
  • C81 「なむ×きゅん」 crossfade MP3 and album jacket! All new songs sound great but だいじょうぶっ教 will be wild! 仏教 + IOSYS + とろ美=電波!!

December 16th 2011

December 17th 2011

December 19th 2011

December 20th 2011
  • Eternal heavenly duo t+pazolite and リズナ have a track on the C81 album 「Ghost Region」 Lots of REDALiCE too!

December 21st 2011

December 22nd 2011

December 25th 2011
  • New C81 album from Zero Shaft: Zero Shuffle! Cross fade is up! Quality and contributor list is impressive as always!

December 27th 2011

December 28th 2011
  • Eight ALBATROSICKS album has 3 new tracks and 3 cool remixes! Check out 「rebirth era」 Available at C81 on 12/31/11

December 29th 2011

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