Tuesday, 30 September 2008

POLYSICS New album, North American tour

Although it was released in Japan on August 28, 「We ate the machine」 comes out today in North America. This is already their eight full-length studio album, if you can believe that. The heavily Devo-influenced electro/synthpop quartet (or "technicolor pogo punk" as they like to describe themselves) are currently celebrating their 10 years of propagating Japan as an abode of the weirdly sublime. I'm not going to waste my time writing up a short biography; Wikipedia's POLYSICS article has all the info you need.

Much like I overlooked the recent Albatrosicks release, I had completely forgotten about these guys and girls so I was surprised when I took a look at their website and found out that they are currently in full world tour mode. They toured through most of Europe (Italy, France, Spain, England) during all of September and are currently in Japan getting ready for the North American leg of their fall tour. Here is a condensed schedule, but you should check out the official website in case of last-minute cancellations.

Sat Oct-18-08 - West Hollywood, CA
Sun Oct-19-08 - San Diego, CA
Tue Oct-21-08 - Tempe, AZ
Wed Oct-22-08 - Tucson, AZ
Fri Oct-24-08 - Dallas, TX
Sat Oct-25-08 - Austin, TX
Sun Oct-26-08 - Houston, TX
Tue Oct-28-08 - Atlanta, GA
Wed Oct-29-08 - Charlotte, NC
Thu Oct-30-08 - Washington, DC
Fri Oct-31-08 - New York, NY
Sat Nov-01-08 - Danbury, CT
Sun Nov-02-08 - Cambridge, MA
Tue Nov-04-08 - Montreal, QC (CANADA)
Wed Nov-05-08 - Toronto, ON (CANADA)
Fri Nov-07-08 -London, ON (CANADA)
Sat Nov-08-08 - Detroit, MI
Sun Nov-09-08 - Chicago, IL
Tue Nov-11-08 - Denver, CO
Thu Nov-13-08 - San Francisco, CA
Fri Nov-14-08 - Pomona, CA

Are you planning on attending any of these concerts? Leave a comment if you will... or wish you could. I've already booked a day off (or two?) because there's no way in hell I'm missing out on this. Full album review coming up sooner or later. In the meantime enjoy the sounds of Rocket, my personal favorite track off of the new record.


Anonymous said...

U_U They've visited Madrid and Mallorca ...but that's too far from where I liveee here on Spain!
Good Luck in the concert people from America!

電波の世界 said...

Too bad... I'm guessing you don't have access to a car? Spain looks so small compared to Canada and the USA, I figured everything is at most 4 hours away.

They're playing 3 times within a 2-hour radius of where I live now and also about 10 minutes from where I used to live in Canada. One of my best friends live in London Ontario, he's gonna get one hell of an intimate concert. I'm trying to get as many of my friends to go see them...