Monday, 18 February 2008

Akibablog goes 英語, MOSAIC.WAV articles

The excellent Akihabara blog has recently launched its English channel. Not only is the translation accurate and fairly natural, they actually translated articles from the past couple of weeks. Bear in mind that the site often features NSFW pictures, otherwise the articles are really interesting and you can tell the guy is a hardcore otaku. But other than risqué figurines, they also like to feature MOSAIC.WAV quite a lot. Here are a few articles I found.

Last Battle! Akibattler "μ" on Sale
This very recent article was translated into English so don't worry if moonspeak isn't your thing. I love how it gives an in-your-face account of what walking into a very large MOSAIC.WAV presentoir would be like. "Just listening to its intro, you get hope, power, courage, etc; it's difficult to express its hotness in words. Let's scream together, Akibattler-!" How can you go wrong with such a great sales pitch? For great justice!

「SPACE AKIBA-POP」 street performance (featuring Masaya Koike)
This 2006 article chronicles a live performance in support of their then-freshly released sophomore album. This performance featured Masaya Koike (of Under17 fame), who also played a large part in the making of SPACE AKIBA-POP. Check out these ecstatic fans! I hate how he rubs his signed CD in our face, though. Lucky bastard!

「We Love "AKIBA-POP"!!」 street performance
Written in 2004, this article actually dates back to before the blog made the move to its own server. It documents one of the first live performances by the band, in support of their debut full-length. They were accompanied by heavy-metal musician IRON-san. Over 200 showed up and the crowd quickly exploded once the gig started, with fans desperately trying to get a peek at the band. A very short video sample was posted but while very cool, it barely last 15 seconds.

On a separate note, I apologize for the recent downtime. I promise to make up for it, very soon!

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