Saturday, 9 November 2013

Seventh MOSAIC.WAV album 「Astronomical Φ AKIBA-POP!!」

Can you believe it's already been 10 fantastic years since み〜こ and 柏森進 got together as MOSAIC.WAV? Starting with their first single 「Magical Hacker☆くるくるリスク」 in 2004, the world-famous Akiba-pop legends have crafted hundreds of songs related to the otaku subculture and have proudly carried the denpa torch through thick and thin. They are now preparing to release their seventh full-length album 「Astronomical Φ AKIBA-POP!!」 on December 11th 2013.

  1. DA DA DA DANCING〜真夏のレターレインボー〜 (new song)
  2. さくら色マーマレード (リリカルDS OP)
  3. KissしてMe!Me! (きすみみ!! OP)
  4. パライソハレルヤスンバラリア (学恋2 OP)
  5. ちちんぷいぷいチチノタネ (Gカップ敏感聖徒会長 OP)
  6. 2.5次元の足音 (ぴあ雀 ED)
  7. ラビュー☆ラビュー! (new song)
  8. フォトンベルト観光ホテル (百合星人ナオコサン ED)
  9. シナモンティーをどうぞ〜Argo Navis〜 (new song)
  10. 幻覚ユーフォリア (new song)
  11. Two Ring (new song)
  12. Astronomical Φ AKIBA-POP!! (new song)
  13. ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ〜Aphrodītē〜 (new song)

Of these thirteen tracks, 7 are brand new compositions. You might have heard the other 6 before... but maybe not! Some of them (such as 2.5次元の足音 and パライソハレルヤスンバラリア) are pretty damn rare, even for hardcore fans. The first song on this CD is also the first track on Heartsnative3, which gets released on the same date and will be covered in a future article. There aren't any samplers for the new songs yet, MOSAIC.WAV usually release short versions with singles but not albums. One thing for sure is that there is a traditional AKIBA-POP!! song and some fancy-pantsy titles in the superluminal/ecphoric vein. Hopefully we'll get a great new PV in the weeks leading up to the release date.

Those who purchase the limited edition will also receive an extra disc containing "Queen of MOSAIC.Girls", an 8 minute medley featuring all of their feminine character creations in a no-holds-barred fight to the death! Actually we don't know if kayapi is mixing up old songs or entirely new material, we'll keep that as a surprise. Finally, amazon mentions something about a limited edition box to hold both Heartsnative3 and Astronomical together, but it's not really clear how you actually sign up for one. In fact CDJapan mentions it as standard issue... we'll see. So, what are you waiting for? Preorder your copy now!

「Astronomical Φ AKIBA-POP!!」 limited edition
「Astronomical Φ AKIBA-POP!!」 regular edition

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Starry☆ said...

You know... I've kept track of the album since it was first announced. At first they were going to include the single, something a long the lines titled "We love FUSEJI pop!" or something like that, but then they changed it to Queen of MOSAIC. Girls.

It makes me wonder if they left the single it for Winter Comiket...
Anyway! I already pre-ordered it and I'm really excited for this album! Can't wait!