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The long awaited Funta self cover album is coming!

U is one of the most loved, and most elusive, denpa artists of all time. Also known as "U-tama" to her fans, or "UCO" when performing as a part of the band Funta (Pronounced "Fanta"), she has not only made countless memorable songs for her own projects, but also by creating behind the scenes for other artists. Over the years, as U she has released eroge theme songs and original numbers sporadically. In her band Funta she teams up with 吉見 (Yoshimi) who provides guitar, bass, and keyboard, as well as splits composition / arranging duties with UCO. They had their major debut back in 1998, then reappeared with some lovely new singles in 2003 before once again quieting down. However, even if they stopped releasing songs of their own, Funta continued composing, arranging, and writing lyrics for a wide range of singers, seiyuu, anime, and idols. Hardcore U fans of course kept an eye on all these releases, but couldn't help but hope to someday hear her sing these songs on her own. And finally, that day has come!

funta-stic!! is the name of the album we've all been waiting for. To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Funta is releasing an album covering many of the songs they've contributed to over the past decade. What's the tracklist gonna be like? Let's take a peek.

1. マイペースでいきましょう - 七森中☆ごらく部

Self cover version credits: Lyrics: Funta3, Composition: Funta , Arrangement : ARM(IOSYS)
Original version credits: Lyrics: Funta3, Composition / Arrangement : Funta7
The anime Yuru Yuri has been a huge success, including it's seiyuu music group, 七森中☆ごらく部. They pulled out no stops in getting great musicians to work on their music, including members of IOSYS and of course, Funta. This is just one of the many great songs she contributed to the series. For her self cover version, ARM will handle the arrangement, making this a truly exciting collaboration.

2. オレンジ - 逢坂大河(CV:釘宮理恵)・櫛枝実乃梨(CV:堀江由衣)・川嶋亜美(CV:喜多村英梨)

Self cover version credits: Lyrics: 渡邊亜希子, Composition: Funta3, Arrangement : Funta7
Original credits: Lyrics: 渡邊亜希子, Composition: Funta3, Arrangement : 橋本由香利
"Orange" is the ED theme to the popular anime ToraDora. Curious about what the new arrangement will sound like.

3.ミリオン☆ラブ - ゆうな(CV:中原麻衣)

Self cover version credits: Lyrics/Composition: Funta, Arrangement : 小池雅也(ULTRA-PRISM)
Original version credits: Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Funta
Another anime song, "Million Love" comes to us with the self cover version arranged by no other than "Aniki" Koike Masaya!

4. あなたも知らない恋の果て - 椎名へきる

Self cover version credits: Lyrics: UCO, Composition: UCO+吉見, Arrangement: Funta7
Original version credits: Lyrics: UCO、Composition:  UCO+吉見, Arrangement : 明石昌夫
The original comes to us from an artist known as 椎名へきる (Shiina Hekiru), a singer / seiyuu. This one is quite beautiful and serious, and will probably take on a quite different tone when it's covered, but only time will tell.

5. メリー - (天海春香(CV:中村繪里子)・如月千早(CV:今井麻美)・高槻やよい(CV:仁後真耶子)・菊地真(CV:平田宏美)・星井美希(CV:長谷川明子)

Self cover version credits: Lyrics: Yura, Composition: Funta, Arrangement: RegaSound
Original version credits: Lyrics: yura, Composition / Arrangement:Funta
Funta also brought us the composition on this fun Idolm@ster Christmas tune to be covered on the new album.

6. モテ期のうた - アイドリング!!!

Self cover version credits: Lyrics: 酒井健作, Composition: Funta, Arrangement : 水谷広実
Original version credits: Lyrics: 酒井健作, Composition/ Arrangement : Funta
Funta is no stranger to working on songs for アイドリング!!!, and I'm curious to hear the difference between her solo version and the original.

7.口移しのチョコレート - AKB48(多田愛佳・柏木由紀・平嶋夏海)

Self cover version credits: Lyrics: 秋元康,  Composition: Funta7,  Arrangement : 藤澤健至
Original version credits: Lyrics: 秋元康、Composition / Arrangement: Funta
I bet you weren't expecting to see AKB48 on DnS! But in fact, they have worked with Funta several times.

8. Sweet Duet - エイラ・イルマタル・ユーティライネン(大橋歩夕) & サーニャ・V・リトヴャク(門脇舞以)

Self cover version credits: Lyrics: 三浦誠司,  Composition:  Funta7,  Arrangement : 佐藤準
Original version credits: Lyrics:  三浦誠司,  Composition / Arrangement : Funta7
We return to the anime songs with this insert song from the non-pantsu anime "Strike Witches".

9. レッツラブでいきましょう♪ - 七森中☆ごらく部

Self cover credits: Lyrics: Funta7,  Composition:  Funta3, Arrangement : 草野よしひろ
Original version credits: Lyrics:  Funta7, Composition:  Funta3, Arrangement : Funta7
Another Yuru Yuri song, this one the coupling song from the 2nd season's OP single.

10. バニラソルト - 堀江由衣

Self cover version credits: Lyrics: SATOMI, Composition , Arrangement: Funta7
Original version credits: Lyrics: Satomi, Composition: Funta7, Arrangement: 中塚武
Famous seiyuu Horie Yui sang this popular ED theme for the anime ToraDora.

11. サイコー☆ラヴリィディ - Funta(?)

Lyrics: Funta3, Composition / Arrangement : Funta7 Appears to be a brand new song! Correct me if I'm wrong!

That wraps up the tracklist! Keep your eyes peeled for this release on 3/20/13!! and don't forget to.....

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