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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Twitter Cluster: Best of October 2011

Oops! Sorry about the 2-week delay, and welcome to the second installment in our monthly Twitter Cluster post! For who-what-when behind this (and more awesome denpa news), make sure you check out the September 2011 entry. Of course, make sure you follow us on twitter @denpanosekai!

October 3rd 2011

October 6th 2011

October 8th 2011
  • New Touhou Denpa album 「ぱらのいあぱらどくちゅ」 from PARANOIA PARADOX! So many great singers including @sakurafumi and @metcochan!
  • HOT! Catch the ちぃむdmp☆ girls and some of their closest collaborators on 「物語乙女」, a radio/drama/music CD! Out at M3 10/30
  • Today's Tune: Since she's always losing her cellphone, @momobakobako wrote a song about it! ないないない ないないない なーいないな!
  • Holy crap, RAMM ain't messing around. 6 track Maxi "Freedom" out 12/21 Let's get @nomico_honey on these future songs!
  • 初音ミク fans this one's for you! @cametek is releasing a new CD 「mikUbiquity」 at M3-2011秋! Check out this great sampler!
  • The lovely @nanahira and @KokoroNet sing on 「ReFact Anthem」from LiLA'c Records, out at 東方紅楼夢7 (10/16) Powerful stuff!
  • More @nanahira? Ja! Catch her singing in a "grown-up" voice on 「moment -passing pleasures girls-」 out at 東方紅楼夢7 (10/16)
  • Dear @nayunow, your "Touhou Puyo" cover is AWESOME! Please sing on more albums OK? We love you!

October 10th 2011

October 11th 2011

October 13th 2011
  • Denpa 1st album 12/14 release! 8 tracks. Regular, Limited, & SuperLimited versions! Random photos, DVD, &more!
  • WOW! なゆ and ちょこ do vocals on 「The Autumn Songs」 from @tsundeRECords with a real backing band! Great remixes too!
  • Heads up 中田ヤスタカ fans, he will release a "Best Album" for his (rather obscure) picopop duo COLTEMÖNIKHA! New songs+DVD!

October 14th 2011

October 15th 2011
  • New 38BEETS album 「COLORS」 features our pet faves ななひら、 ゆきまめ and めらみぽっぷ as well as a bunch more cool singers!
  • 幸福実現サピエンス」 is the ridiculously awesome 2nd album from 臨界モスキー党. Produced by RoughSketch, tons of IOSYS collaborators!
  • とろ美 drew artwork for the song 「 ジャケ害」 from the previously-mentioned album 「幸福実現サピエンス」 Crazy sexy cool!
  • All 12 songs from @zero_shaft's stupendous 「まほロリっ!」 M3 album can now be sampled! Unbelievable value for 500円!!!!!!

October 16th 2011

October 17th 2011

October 19th 2011

October 20th 2011

October 21st 2011
  • Get psyched for Denpa Gumi Inc's upcoming single & album with the full version of their でんぱ組.inc「Future Diver」PV!

October 22nd 2011
  • 3rd THEiDOLST@GE album is titled 「My Voice」(9曲) and will be released at M3-2011秋. Just 500円! Check out samples and PV
  • Check out newcomer @STUDIO1COURS and their "Youkai Denpa Compilation" 「きゅん×2 カーニバル」 No samples or release date yet!

October 23rd 2011

October 24th 2011

October 26th 2011
  • 33.turbo (@inotti_mousou) just posted two samples from their upcoming M3 single 「おとチャ」 Both songs are really cool!!! There's also a PV for the song 「uta-oh
  • mocomoco』 is a mini-album from Plissh (new unit featuring 日向ももこ and りこ。) 6 tracks for 500¥@M3 Cute and powerful!
  • Legendary doujin group 2-dimension returns for M3! 4 tracks, no crossfade yet. Vocals feature 茶太,miko,ななひら,まめこ,めらみぽっぷ

October 28th 2011

October 29th 2011

October 30th 2011

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